1. S

    2012 Widener Pearls

    As author/editor of Titanic: One Newspaper, Seven Days, and the Truth That Shocked the World I ran across an article in the London Daily Telegraph on the insurance value of Mrs. Eleanor Elkins Widener's pearls. The 1912 paper had them insured by Lloyd's for about $600,000 in today's money. I...
  2. inmybookcase

    Titanic Necklace Giveaway for the 100th Anniversary!

    Memorialize the 100 year anniversary of the Titanic with this gorgeous necklace! Isn't this necklace AMAZING!? Enter to win it on this blog: Pixel Berry Pie Designs: Giveaway {Vintage Titanic Necklace} Redhead Retro Handmade Jewelry
  3. J

    Amy bracelet

    i was wondering if the bracelet with the name "amy" on it that was salvaged at the wreck site was ever linked to anyone on board the titanic? If so to whom, and what was her age and class status?