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  1. C

    Question Pirrie's role and motivations in the IMMC deal?

    Hello, I recently came across some articles claiming Pirrie was the one who headed the deal between the White Star Line and the IMMC. It also suggested it was because Pirrie was skeptical of J. Bruce Ismay's capabilities as Chairman. This would align with a claim (I admittedly can't recall...
  2. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Mr. Morgan victim only of overwork

    His Ailment Nervous Breakdown Declares H. L. Satterlee His Soninlaw NEVER TOOK A VACATION Financier Will Get Complete Rest in Rome Where No One Bothers Him Special Cable Despatch to The Sun ROME March 14"Mr. Morgan is not suffering from organic disease nor because he is an old man" said H. L...
  3. J

    Source for JP Morgan's Involvement in the Titanic Disaster

    Looking for a source, preferably a human, who can provide factual, detailed information on J. Pierpont Morgan's "last-moment" decisions to pull his collection of fine art from the RMS Titanic's cargo and nix his reservation to join her for her maiden voyage. Please contact me via email if you...
  4. Dave Gittins

    J P Morgan exerts power 100 years ago

    Here's an article that shows the power exerted by J P Morgan in November 1907. This guy had a way of getting what he wanted! http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/business/7050529.stm
  5. R

    JP Morgan's near iceberg encounter

    Have recently been reading a biography of JP Morgan by Jean Strouse (which seems to be the most comprehensive of them all) and came across an interesting anecdote. Apparently, Titanic's future financier (who's knickname at that point was 'Jupiter') was a devoted White Star patron long...
  6. Mark Chirnside

    Olympic Launch Photo of Morgan and Pirrie

    Hi! This photo was identified as 'J. P. Morgan' and Lord Pirrie attending Olympic's launch in 1910. Has anyone seen it before, and if so do the two men appear to be identified correctly? After all the misidentifications on Titanic photos, you never know! Best wishes, Mark.
  7. S

    Pirrie Ismay Carlisle and then Morgan

    Hello Everyone, My name is Steve Krienke. I just registerd for ET, but I have been reading everyones posts for about two months now. I am a play writer. I am also a big Titanic researcher, I know a great deal about her, as do the rest of you. I have wrote two Titanic plays. When refering...
  8. A

    'Commodore' JP Morgan

    Hmmm...was galumphing about the 'net this evening when I stumbled blindly across this little jewel: http://www.nyyc.org/history/article_21/ It isn't much, and other than the link to JP it has little to do with the Big 'Un, but it's neat all the same. Yes, it seems Junius Pierpont Morgan...
  9. B

    JP Morgan & TrunkNeed info on these items

    Hi, Brenda here, I found a cancelled stock certificate from JP Morgan's company with the Titanic on it at a antique store in Indiana also found a luggage trunk with a White Star Line sticker, Liverpool passgae Sticker and a luggage tag saying the person was going to New York. Does anyone know...
  10. R

    New book mentions JP Morgan & Titanic

    Hi All, In a new biography "Ladies and Not-so-Gentle Women" by Alfred Allan Lewis (Viking,$38.95), which is a collective study of Elsie de Wolfe, Elisabeth Marbury, Anne Vanderbilt and Anne Morgan, there are some interesting tid-bits on the Titanic and J.P. Morgan, Anne's father. According...
  11. M

    JP Morgan

    Hey All I am doing an assignment of Globalisation and I want to use the example of JP Morgan and his transport monopoly as one of my examples. However i cant seem to find much on him on the net. So if u know of any good sites, books, or facts please let me know. Your help will be much...
  12. S

    J P Morgan

    What happened to the owner of the Titanic, J.P. Morgan ???
  13. N

    JP Morgan

    I know there was a suite reserved for JP Morgan, but did he ever actually travel on the Titanic? If he didn't what was the reason? My teacher and I are getting in this argument about this man. Please help me out on this one.
  14. J

    Prominent Non-Passengers Morgan and Hershey

    Someone told me that ther were some of the Hershey family on Titanic but I can't find them on the list. Does anybody know if that is true.