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  1. R

    Difficulties with (2021) (Ken Marschall Art)

    Hey everybody, I need your help. I've set my mind and heart on getting a few nice prints of some of Ken Marschall's magnificent Titanic paintings. I know that Transatlantic Designs is the place to turn to. However, I'm facing some major communication difficulties with the company. My e-mails...
  2. BobinMaine

    Marschall Paintings

    Hi All, While I'm still new here, I'm amazed at the level of info you all provide! Great job! Ok, so here's my question (actually, 3 questions): I am still looking for the Trumpeter 1:200 scale model. The least expensive I've found is on THG for $450 US (...
  3. Dan Kappes

    Where have you seen a Titanic painting in public that really caught your attention?

    I once saw a framed painting of the Thayer drawing in a Rudy Tuesday restaurant in Apple Valley, Minnesota that really caught my attention. I'd love to hear other experiences!
  4. E

    Don Lynch contact

    Hi there, I am a fellow historian of the Titanic and was wondering if anyone knew any contact link to Don Lynch. As a fellow historian he is someone I have always admired and would like to ask for some advice. I couldn't find an email online, if anyone could help that would be perfect! Thank...
  5. Itsstillthinking

    Amazing Titanic Model

    Ken Marschall peaked my interest when he made this comment "Oh, one last thing: Check out this astonishingly accurate model of Titanic!" Sure enough he was right :D Model
  6. Augusto Félix Solari

    Ken Marschall painting of Titanic at 1245 am

    I have been a fan of Mr Marshall work since my parents gave me the book "Exploring the Titanic" at the age of 6. However I have a question: that book has a painting which despicts the sinking liner at 12.45. Why are the forward cranes risen?
  7. M

    Any relation to Ken Marschall

    Of recent I received a restitution check for $20.00 (Big deal for almost getting killed huh?). Anyhow the check is from Kate Marschall State Treasurer of Carson City, NV (BTW, the capitol city). And beings that Mr. Ken Marschall resides in RC, CA., I was curious to know any relation of Kate to...
  8. D

    Value of Original Ken Marschall

    I have an original Ken Marschall painting - one that he painted for "Titanic: An Illustrated History." I bought it from him, personally, at a gallery show in Michigan right after the book was published. I would appreciate any opinion on the value. Thanks!
  9. A

    Help with Ken Marschall Artwork

    I have a framed and matted print of Ken Marschalls "The Maiden Voyage" with his autograph in blue ballpoint pen on the matting. I got this from a silent auction AIDS benefit at Long Beach State University back in 97. I am trying to get information about it, as well as to what it may be worth.
  10. Ryan McKeefery

    Ryan McKeefery The wannabe Ken Marschall

    Here are a few of my paintings - for many of which I have used photographs as a reference, so if you recognize the view... well, you know. Have a gander. Leave an opinion, and be as honest as you like.
  11. D

    FavoriteLeast Favorite Ken Marschall Titanic Painting

    The one person who I can honestly say has contributed the most to my Titanic fascination is Ken Marschall. When I received a copy of Ballard's "Exploring the Titanic" for my 7th birthday, I spent more time gawking at his paintings than I did actually reading the book. Pinning down a favorite has...
  12. E

    Mr Marshall's paintings in books etc

    Hello, I am assuming one cannot just scan these pictures from books and print them to sell commercially as this would obviously be an infringement of copyright law, so do people like this have permission to do so?
  13. A

    Don Lynch and Ken Marschall Commentaries

    I just finished watching disc one of the movie with the historical commentary on and I must saw it was very thorough and well done by both speakers. I think these two men are the most knowlegedable people about the Titanic subject and all of their insight was great. Ken just marvelling over the...
  14. M

    Special Leatherbound Edition LynchMarschall

    Easton Press, one of the few surviving major fine press publishers, has released a beautiful leatherbound edition of Titanic, An Illustrated History. To see the details, a picture, and ordering information, click on the following link:
  15. G

    Ken Marschall PosterPainting as seen on Ghosts of the Abyss

    Hello all, I am curious if the poster of the cross section of Titanic (as seen in the movie Ghosts of the Abyss) is commercially available. I far as I could tell it is the same fold out drawing that appears in Ken Marschall's books. But this poster is huge and I would like to get one, post it...
  16. M

    Ken Marschall & Don Lynch

    I'm sure this will come to many as a stupid question but I'm fairly new to this site and I feel I'm entitled to a few stupid questions. I was wondering if Don Lynch or Ken Marschall ever are on Encyclopedia Titanica or if anyone knows how to contact them or WHEN to contact them so as to not be...
  17. S

    Anything new by Ken Marschall

    Hi there, I hope this topic hasn't been brought up before (I apologize if it has, but this message board is so HUGE that I don't have the time to search through it all over!) Anyway, I deeply adore Ken Marschall's artwork (I still remember how completely stunned I was when I browsed through...
  18. T

    Ken Marschall Interview on lostlinersde

    Hi all! Today (also availabel under and has become an great Update of the Titanic Area. unfortunaly our English is not so good that we can make the Site bilangual in German and English. We have many new topics in the...
  19. B

    New Paintings by Ken Marschall

    This topic has probably floated about before, but I was wondering if anyone knows if there are any new Marschall paintings of Titanic extant (i.e. the last few years), or in the works? I can't recall seeing anything new since his excellent and invaluable "Art of Titanic" was published back in...
  20. C

    Original Marschall painting to be auctioned

    I know there is a thread about the auction items but was quite interested in one item in particular. "Even items that were not on the ship, such as a painting of the vessel completed for the Oscar-winning film Titanic, is expected to bring in an offer of $30,000 to $40,000." I personally...