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    Lucile: Fashion. Titanic. Scandal

    Lucile: Fashion. Titanic. Scandal
  2. M

    Duff Gordon Goofs

    I posted thins on another site and thought I'd share it here as well: How can one couple mess up so badly? Well the Duff Gordons did it. 1st goof- They left on a boat designed for40- just 12 people in all. The boat was life boat 1 and they left with 5 passengers, 7 crew in all. 2nd...
  3. E

    A Woman of Temperament by Lucy Duff Gordon

    So...I remember on the other forum there was a discussion about how hard it was to get hold of Lucile's (Lady Duff Gordon's) memoirs and how expensive they are if you do. No more! As of the beginning of April you'll be able to buy them in print or as an e-book (links will go up soon) at a...
  4. Michael McGuffin

    Photos of Lady Duff Gordon

    Hi, does anybody out there have any nice photos of just Lady Duff Gordon? Just wanting these to frame with other parts of my Titanic collection. Would like ones that would be good to make 8x10's out of. Thanks! Michael
  5. T

    Who influenced and was influenced by the fashion designs of Lady DuffGordon

    I've always wondered-who in fashion influenced Lady Duff-Gordon, and who did she influence? Was the great Hollywood fashion designer Edith Head in any way influenced by Lady Duff-Gordon's designs?
  6. T

    Wanted "Discretions and Indiscretions" by Lady Duff Gordon

    Once again, a copy of Lady Duff Gordon's autobio 'Discretions and Indiscretions' sold on Ebay, and I spotted the auction once it ended- This is the one book that has 'always gotten away'. If anyone has a spare copy of this book for sale or trade, please pop me a note. Thanks Tarn Stephanos...
  7. L

    Clarification and Provenance of the Duff Gordon Kimono

    OUR GREAT GRANDMOTHER LUCY DUFF GORDON'S KIMONO: In a letter written to her sister in the immediate aftermath of the 1912 Titanic disaster, Lucy describes her kimono as "...but a meagre one, which I'd taken unfinished from the shop and had not had time to sew properly..." Therefore, the one...
  8. J

    Anyone seen this on Cosmo Duff Gordon

    Letter clears 'blackguard of the Titanic' By Nigel Reynolds, Arts Correspondent Last Updated: 2:17am BST 02/05/2007 He was one of the great blackguards of pre-First World War British society: Sir Cosmo Duff Gordon, the man who not only was said to have bought his way off the sinking...
  9. M

    Lady Duff Gordon as "lady of the manor"

    Now that my question about Lady Duff Gordon's voice and accent has been answered so kindly, I'm going to be cheeky and pose another. Sir Cosmo's country seat was Maryculter, in Scotland. I don't know much about this house, other than that it is now a hotel, but in 1912, I imagine it came with...
  10. G

    Pay tribute to Lady Duff Gordon

    go to this website i started for lady duff gordon and lite a candle or pay tribute.
  11. G

    Duff gordon family tree

    dose anyone know how sir andrew duff gordon relates to sir cosmo and lucile? i haven't been able to find a connection.
  12. V

    Did DuffGordons take their suitcases in a lifeboat

    I read that few people have seen Duff-Gordons every day in other clothes aboard Carpathia. And somebody said that they took their suitcases. I was wondered about it - if it's true or lie. I think Randy can answer me. Thank you Regards Vitezslav
  13. V

    Lucy DuffGordon Letters from the Cape

    Did Lucy Duff-Gordon write this book?
  14. E

    Lady Duff Gordon's Day in Court

    Hi All, While reading my contracts book, I came across a very interesting case with Lady Duff Gordon, as defendant! Not sure if you are all familiar, but apparently Lucy had contracted with a man by the name of Otis Wood and that for her granting him exclusive rights to endorse her...
  15. R

    Defending the Duff Gordons

    Thanks to my friend John Hemmert I received today a copy of an editorial in defense of the Duff Gordons that I'd never read before. I was very happy to get this as it puts into perfect perspective the situation that engulfed the couple in the wake of the Titanic. More so than any account I've...
  16. M

    Resources needed on Lady Duff Gordon

    Hi everyone, apologies if this has been covered elsewhere here, but my wife is starting a fashion course and needs to gatherand present some work on a designer of her choice. She's considering doing Lucille, so can anyone in the know please recommend some good resources of info for us? Are...
  17. M

    Photographs of Countess Of Rothes, Lady Duff Gordon and Molly Brown in old age

    Hi guys, does anybody know if there are any photo's of the Countess Of Rothes,Molly Brown or Lady Duff Gordon when they reached old age??
  18. K

    The Duff Gordons

    Hi, I'm recently become interested in the Duff Gordon's, mainly after reading the wonderful posts from Randy which contained letter's by Lucille. I'd like to learn more about them and things they supposedly said or did during their voyage on the Titanic that made them so controversial. I...
  19. D

    Lady Duff Gordon

    Here is a Lady Duff Gordon item that is currently on Ebay. Actually there are two items listed on Ebay, one is an ad and the other is this one. Randy, do have this book?
  20. I


    Could anyone out there please help me with my jigsaw? I have recently visited the grave of the Duff-Gordons and just in front of their grave I stumbled (literally) across the grave of Lucy's daughter, Esme Stuart (Countess of Halsbury) and her husband Hardinge Goulburn (2nd Earl of Halsbury)...