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  2. chrismireya

    How crowded were Titanic's decks?

    The RMS Titanic set sail with an estimated 2,224 passengers. The ship itself was 882.75 feet long and had a maximum breadth of 92.5 feet. While it was less than 63% of its maximum capacity on this maiden voyage, it would still have been very crowded if everyone decided to stroll upon the deck at...
  3. M

    Telling the Passengers and Crew Immediately

    I've always found one of the the most powerful scenes in the 97 film is when Thomas Andrews shortly after reporting to the bridge crew and Ismay that 'No matter what you do Titanic will flounder' is walking through the Grand Staircase still in shock. Rose pulls him aside and he admits to her...
  4. D

    Collapsible lifeboat model

    Does anybody know the exact measurements of titanic collapsible lifeboats and exactly how I would be able to make one (probably impossible, right)? Are there any plans on the internet? Im asking this question because it would be so cool to try the boat out on a lake.
  5. Loutino

    Boat 16

    I wonder, who splashed down boat 16. Moody?
  6. G

    Emma Bliss

    Greetings, everyone. I apologize if there are any rules against only posting questions on this discussion forum rather than take part in other existing ones, but, as it seems to have been a habit of mine, I seem to be more inclined toward asking questions than anything else, probably because...
  7. G

    Did Lifeboat 4 really go back to the site of the sinking?

    Greetings, everyone. I hope I'm not repeating a question that was already posted, and no one finds the nature of it too weird, but I wanted to know the answer to that. From what I have read in posts around here, it seems that Lifeboat 4 went back to the place where the Titanic sank...
  8. M

    Lifeboat Davits

    Was it common for the Olympic Class liners mainly Titanic to take the outboard emergency lifeboats that are swung out on the side and put them inboard while in port? I just noticed in photos of Titanic in port and being lead by Tug boats and in every last one of them theres no lifeboat swung...