1. Duquesa

    Lifeboat Launch Sequence and Capacity

    I've always found the launching of lifeboats in the Titanic film a bit confusing, mainly because some boats stop in time, others take the place of other boats in historical matters, and so on. In real life, we all know that the launch of boats on the davits was this, correct me if I'm wrong...
  2. ShinGoji (Kiefer)

    Question What Happened to the Passengers after the Sinking? and What Events took Place?(2:20AM-4:00AM [Moment of Rescue])

    What happened after the sinking (2:20AM [vanishing of stern] to 4AM [Moment of Rescue]) I want to know what happened after the sinking, I've been looking up online, and find to have small info given or is lacking. I want to know the events, like Lifeboats coming back, and at what time did they...
  3. chrismireya

    How crowded were Titanic's decks?

    The RMS Titanic set sail with an estimated 2,224 passengers. The ship itself was 882.75 feet long and had a maximum breadth of 92.5 feet. While it was less than 63% of its maximum capacity on this maiden voyage, it would still have been very crowded if everyone decided to stroll upon the deck at...
  4. I

    Life Belts on Collapsible B

    I am interested in finding out whether the men who managed to climb onto Collapsible B had worn life belts. I have found Isaac Maynard in my family tree, and have been fascinated by his survival. Would love to know more about what his story was. Did he have a life belt or did he get washed...
  5. CollinSearls

    What is the placement of the Lifeboats' plaques?

    I'm finding quite a few pictures of the lifeboats and their "S.S. TITANIC", "LIVERPOOL", White Star flag, and capacity plaques, but the placement seems to differ from picture to picture. I've tried looking at photos of the real lifeboats, but they're too blurry. I was wondering if there was a...
  6. CollinSearls

    Emergency Cutter Design?

    Anyone know if there are any designs/blueprints/whatever for the emergency cutters? Are they just smaller versions of the regular lifeboats or do they differ quite a bit?
  7. D

    Functional davit model

    Does anybody know how I could make two functional, scale Welin Quadrant Davits that you could swing in and out by turning the handle or whatever it was called? What materials would i need? I've never done any model making before. Maybe there is one for purchase somewhere online? I have always...
  8. Christophe Puttemans

    Three pictures of lifeboats possibly identified

    I came across a book from Edward P. De Groot where 3 pictures of Titanic lifeboats were named. Until that moment, I thought one of the pictures was from another lifeboat and the other pictures from unknown boats. Here are the pictures: 1. Mr. De Groot claimed this was Lifeboat 4, with mostly...
  9. Arun Vajpey

    Which lifeboat would YOU have tried for?

    This question is intended for male members only for obvious reasons. Imagine that you were an able bodied SECOND CLASS male passenger travelling alone on the Titanic, on the way to a very well set-up better life in America. In the first few days of the voyage, you explore the ship, ask casual...
  10. K

    Icebergs while in lifeboats

    Hello all! Can anyone indicate to me who claimed they heard water splashing on bergs nearby or saw them from the lifeboats? Were there multiple witnesses to this or was it a single witness (Mr. Boxhall)?
  11. T

    Collapsible Boats

    The difficulty- and in the end inability- to lower the collapsables from the (port& starboard side) roof of the officers quarters beckons the question- How did the designers expect these boats to be launched? There didnt seem to be any crane or apparatus to help the boats drop to the boat deck-...
  12. S

    Booze in the lifeboats

    Was rum or whiskey part of the mandated provisions for each lifeboat? Seems like a good way to keep out the cold since these were open boats, also calm everyone's nerves, etc. Probably some of the passengers & officers had personal flasks and such anyway.
  13. Y

    What if there were a ship to come to Titanic side in time

    Let's assume there were a ship to reach Titanic in time. What would have changed? I know that it took lots of time to lower lifeboats. Then lifeboats should have transferred passengers to another ship, and come back for the next group. How this next group could have been loaded to the boats...
  14. Samuel Halpern

    Rockets Lifeboats and Time Changes

    This article was originally published in TIS's Voyage 70 journal, winter 2009; and BTS's ADB journal, Dec 2009 issue. It is now available HERE on ET. The article deals with rocket sightings on Californian and how they correlate with rocket firings, lifeboat launch times, and planned time changes...
  15. Magnar Vikoeren

    Collapsible A

    Hello ! Collapsible A was found by the 'Oceanic' one month after the disaster with three bodies inside, and the crew thought them to be one passenger and two sailors. One of them was identified as 1st class passenger Mr. Thompson Beattie, and one of the 'sailors' probably was 3rd class...
  16. T

    In which boat was Miss Constance Willard rescued

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone knows for certain which lifeboat Miss Constance Willard was rescued in. I see her most often listed as an occupant of Lifeboat # 10, but was wondering what evidence there was for this. In her account, Miss Willard describes how the men standing...
  17. Mike Poirier

    Boat 3

    In Henry Harper's account he tells how a scantily dressed woman sat up and pointed to a heavy set woman going up the side of the Carpathia and said, " She stepped on my stomach. Horrible creature " I am venturing a guess and saying the fat woman was Charlotte Cardeza and the scantily dressed...
  18. E

    What happened to the Titanic lifeboats?

    Hello! I am wondering about the remaining of the Titanic Lifeboats. Can anybody answer this question? I would be very happy, thank you! Esther (Switzerland)