1. J

    Building a 1/30 scale wooden model of Lifeboat No.15

    Very few commercially produced Titanic lifeboat kits are known to exist on the market and the ones that do exist are all having major issues(errorneous hull designs, huge portions of details missing,etc). I once bought a kit made by Artesania Latina, the kit was so hopelessly inaccurate to the...
  2. Richard Dressner

    A Boat Too Far

    Funny - I see lots of Wayfair commercials, but none for the 1:2 Titanic lifeboat :)...
  3. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Lifeboats, Launch Times, List and Trim Parts 1 & 2

    A detailed exploration of the available evidence for the sequence and launch times of the Titanic Lifeboats.... Titanica! Fri, 19 Mar 2023
  4. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Lifeboat departure order?

    In what order did lifeboats leave the Titanic?
  5. T

    How were the lifeboats deployed?

    I wonder how the lifeboats were carefully lowered from the top of the ship to the water level. What exactly are the operations that need to be carried out? Can this be done by one man or does it require several people? For the davits, it seems simple enough: there is a long worm gear that...
  6. Sarah S

    Not allowing men into lifeboats question

    Hello everyone and sorry if this is the wrong section to post this. Some officers pulled off the strict rule of not allowing any male into the lifeboats. I always thought this was because men were considered „strong“ enough to save themselves, like men going to war in those times instead of...
  7. thekingandthejester

    What did they wear in the lifeboats?

    What did most people wear in the lifeboats? I know many were asleep since the first lifeboat left at 12:40 AM, so were most in their pajamas? Would social etiquette of the time, especially for women and the wealthy, have driven many people to get dressed before leaving their cabins?
  8. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Irish girls fought Titanic seamen to get drowning brother in lifeboat

    How 30 young Irish women were saved in the Titanic disaster after burning their straw hats for signals... New York Herald Mon, 29 Apr 1912
  9. S

    Lifeboat names

    Why weren't the lifeboats given names instead of numbers? I think they should have been named on a ship of this importance level. Maybe named them after US states like the New York, the Pennsylvania, etc. Would be easier to keep track of them with names.
  10. M

    Confusion around lifeboat name and number plates.

    In light of Brad Payne's excellent article on the fate and disposition of Titanic's lifeboats, I went over to the National Archives website and read through the transcript of the valuation and liability hearings from late 1912. There, I found a curious and baffling inconsistency around the name...
  11. Sarah S

    Moody‘s lifeboats

    Good day, Moody was fully in charge of loading boat 16 and together with Lowe boat 14. At which other boats was he present? Did he also fill the previous boats #4, #8 and #6 together with Lightoller? Moody was definetly on the port side for most of the time when these boats were prepared. So...
  12. I'd Hit That

    Question Sinking with boats unlaunched

    If she sank with all lifeboats unlaunched, any chance any would break free, ascend to the surface uncapsized & remain seaworthy like the Andrea Doria? Just wondering overall; perhaps the collapsibles should have been launched first...Understand the Andrea Doria was built about 40 years later...
  13. Zhang Beichen

    Carlisle and Andrews' Lifeboat Improvement

    Many article said that Carlisle and Andrews proposed that Olympic class should carry more boats on board due to the increase of people capacity. Carlisle raised a 48-boat plan, and Andrews raised a 64-boat (or even more) plan. I wonder when did they propose their plan, and what did they look...
  14. Arun Vajpey

    Loading & lowering Lifeboats #13 and #15

    I have read several survivor statements, testimonies, contemporary expert opinions etc about loading and launching of Lifeboats #13 and #15, the rearmost starboard lifeboats, which were launched one after another between 01:40 am and 01:45 am. But I still find it difficult to work out the...
  15. Arun Vajpey

    Port side lifeboat policy: WHO enforced it?

    Almost all of us (including me, of course) have commented on multiple occasions about the obvious difference in lifeboat loading policy on the port and starboard sides of the sinking Titanic on that fateful night. On the starboard side, Murdoch followed the logical policy of women and children...
  16. J

    Why was the planned lifeboat drill cancelled?

    Hi, Does anyone know why the proposed lifeboat drill for the Sunday late morning was cancelled? Not that it mattered as in the end, Murdoch and Lightholler as well as the other officers carried out their roles admirably that evening under immense stress, with only one minor mishap in the...
  17. S

    Lifeboat food

    I know Joughin came on deck and put bread in some of the lifeboats. Would he have brought butter etc.too? Was the head chef also supposed to stock the boats with say cold meats, Cheese, things like that? I never heard of anyone but Joughin fooding the boats. Were the kitchen workers on boat crew...
  18. Cam Houseman

    Names of Lifeboats supplied to the Olympic and Titanic.

    Hi y'all. Was going through a list of plans supplied by Northern Museum of Northern Ireland (NMNI) and I saw this plan, a Lifeboat by "Wilson and Pirrie". I'm assuming Lord Pirrie, so this could be one of either the Cutter (28ft) or Regular (30ft) boats. Thanks!
  19. Aaron C

    Lowe and Lifeboat 14’s Return to Other Boats

    Hello All, I must say the information here is amazing and I thank the veterans for all their insight!! Also, apologies if this is already addressed elsewhere as I searched and could not find anything: I’ve often wondered something, after Lowe and 14 picked up who they could from the wreck site...
  20. Jason D. Tiller

    News The unbelievable story behind why a course made its logo … a Titanic lifeboat

    The best golf-course logos, you and Luke Donah know, tell a story. They’re stitched proudly onto your polo or cap, and passerbys request: Tell me more. Why this animal? Why that plant? What’s the meaning of it all? Done right, they become a point of pride. You want to answer those questions...