1. James T. Shorter

    Lights and Californian

    I was wondering two things other than lights coming from promenade decks and portholes what other exterior lighting did Titanic have? I was also wondering what the Titanic would have looked like to the Californian at different points in the sinking both with and without binoculars I don't know...
  2. Arun Vajpey

    Lights Out in Third Class

    I know that there is a thread with a similar title but mine here is related the Third Class passenger areas only and on all nights, even though there is onus on that fateful Sunday. At what time did the Third Class stewards start putting lights out in passenger spaces and how widespread were...
  3. T

    Bow Head Lights

    I've wondered this question for years. Why was a strong headlight not used on ships at the time or ever since.
  4. TimTurner

    Lights Out

    No, not just before the breakup... before that. 1. The trimmers and stokers all refer to the boiler room lights going out for (about) 10 minutes or so (At least in BR 4, 5, 6) just after the collision itself. One of them thought the engineers were "changing the lights over" to some other...
  5. sir john adams

    Lighting corrected real-time sinking

    Hello, so I am searching for a real-time sinking of the Titanic but the color was corrected for how it would have appeared that night, the issue is I can't find/remember who posted it or where it was published, this was a year ago or two at this point. from the details, I can recall I thought it...
  6. A

    Ship's lights

    Hello, could somebody please identify the lights of this ship. Thank you.
  7. Mike Spooner

    Distance Titanic's lights could be seen

    Whist on the subject of lights. There seems some confusion how far one can see the Titanic lights in miles on a clear night. Can some one tell me of the following in miles: Morse lamp, mask lights, side lights and passenger lights?
  8. Dan Kappes

    Were the lights on board the Titanic less bright than the lights on today's cruise ships?

    I would think so. Technology has changed so much in the past century. On another note, James Cameron found out when he was making the movie replica that the Grand Staircase was small by today's standards. The average human body has gotten bigger since 1912.
  9. B


    Why did the glassy dome of the grand staircase and some windows in the first class dining room shining?
  10. Alex Clark

    Bridge lighting

    From what I have read on this site regarding bridge lighting, it's apparent that very dim white lighting was used in the wheel house. I'm curious as to when red light was introduced on ships. Obviously it would not be usable on the bridge as reflections from the bridge windows would occur. But...
  11. N

    When did Britannic's lights go out?

    I've not been able to find any information on the topic of when Britannic's lights went out/electrical system failed during the sinking.
  12. candelabra shipbuilder.jpg

    candelabra shipbuilder.jpg

  13. M

    What are the most unexplained lights seen on the night of the sinking?

    Hi everybody, If I am to answer my own question, I would have said that it was this ship sighted by the Carpathia about 3.15am on 15/4/12. Even, if his time is wrong, I still do not understand what ship it could have been. What say you?

    Were most of the Titanic's lights on during the Sinking?

    I want to know... does anyone have any idea how many lights were on while the Titanic sank?
  15. Kyle Naber

    Funnel Lights

    What was the point of the lights at the base of the funnels? They only light up a tiny portion of the entirety of it:
  16. A

    Collision - Did Vibration Cause the Lights to Go Out?

    A question that I'm sure has puzzled many. Why did the lights go out in the boiler rooms after the collision? Well apparently a similar incident did occur on the Olympic in 1929 which caused some of her lights to fail as well due to the vibration of the ship. Perhaps the vibration of the...
  17. Kyle Naber

    Lighting Conditions

    All Titanic movies and paintings seem to have much added ambient light as if it's sinking towards the crack of dawn. Also, the lights on the ship appear to be a bit too bright and white. There are accounts of the Titanic ranging from "blazing with light" to it becoming almost impossible to see...
  18. A

    When did the Northern Lights Appear?

    The survivors saw the Northern Lights appear after the Titanic sank, but before the Carpathia arrived. I have met former sailors who have seen the Northern Lights in the North Atlantic and they said it was so bright it was almost like daylight. Survivors said it was just like a "search light"...
  19. A

    Lights in the Stern after the Breakup

    Survivors saw the ship break in two between the 2nd and 3rd funnel. We don't know how clean the break was and how much of the bow was still connected to the stern, but one can guess that the lower decks were still connected to a degree and supplied power to the stern. I have also heard that...
  20. Charles Francis Dowling

    D Deck Candelabra Artifact/ Recovered?

    Hey , I just wanted to know , since the cherub in the grand staircase was recovered , how about the candelabra on D Deck? Was it recovered , or is it still in the reception room wreck , waiting to be found?