1. H

    Trip to Liverpool: Any archives anyone might want info from?

    Hello everyone, In a week, I will be travelling to Liverpool (home of White Star Line and Cunard's Head Quarters etc) to see the Liverpool International Music Festival and everything Nautical related. While there, I'm thinking of going to Liverpool's library to look up old Newspapers...
  2. B-rad

    Trip to England

    The wife and I will be going to England and visiting Liverpool, London and Southampton later this year, I want to see if anyone has ideals of places to see or go Titanic related, and what's the best way to go about seeing the sites. The more I can plan ahead the better. If anyone lives in those...
  3. R

    Captain Smiths home in Waterloo Liverpool 1898 - 1907

    Captain Smith and I share the same house in ~Waterloo Liverpool England. He lived here in 1898 to 1907 and there are so many interesting snippets of social history never before recorded against his time in Waterloo. For example he was awarded a medal by King Edward whilst living here, imagine...