1. Seumas

    1917 Film - Baltic Arrives In Liverpool with General Pershing & Staff

    One for those with an interest in WSL ships or military history (or both !). RMS Baltic arrives in Liverpool in June 1917 with General John J. Pershing and his staff officers. The newsreel cameras were there to film it. Can anyone identity...
  2. T

    Titanic Chronometer J.W. Ray Co. Liverpool

    I have a J.W. Ray Marine Chronometer, Number 218, marked 17 So. Castle Street, Liverpool. I recently acquired it from an estate auction. Pictures attached. I think mine may be identical to the one recovered from the Titanic and could be the closest one still in existence to the Titanic...
  3. Dan Kappes

    Why didn't London serve as a major liner port like Southampton and Liverpool?

    What kind of facilities did the other cities have to serve the liners that London didn't have?
  4. Rob Lawes

    A walk around Liverpool.

    Out and about today with the family and captured a few Titanic and shipping related pictures from Liverpool. The headquarters of the Oceanic Steam Navigation Company aka The White Star Line. The memorial originally dedicated to the engineers of the RMS Titanic but subsequently included the...
  5. M


    MAB note: This is an excerpt from a longer article about transatlantic passenger service in 1872, including similar discussions of the National, Anchor, Cunard, Inman, Williams & Guion, Hamburg-American, North-German Lloyd, Baltic Lloyd and French lines. The New York Herald, 31 December 1872...
  6. H

    Trip to Liverpool: Any archives anyone might want info from?

    Hello everyone, In a week, I will be travelling to Liverpool (home of White Star Line and Cunard's Head Quarters etc) to see the Liverpool International Music Festival and everything Nautical related. While there, I'm thinking of going to Liverpool's library to look up old Newspapers...
  7. B-rad

    Trip to England

    The wife and I will be going to England and visiting Liverpool, London and Southampton later this year, I want to see if anyone has ideals of places to see or go Titanic related, and what's the best way to go about seeing the sites. The more I can plan ahead the better. If anyone lives in those...
  8. G

    Rayner & Sons of Liverpool WSL Button

    Bought this, but wanted a second opinion. It looks legit and from what research I could find (which there seems to be little on WSL buttons), it seems to be original. I even compared the stamping design to reproductions, and it is different, so I feel pretty confident it is original. These...
  9. R

    Adelphi Hotel Liverpool

    Liverpool's Adelphi Hotel claim in all their publicity material that "The Sefton Suite is an exact replica of the First Class Smoking Lounge on Titanic." I know the Adelphi Hotel quite well (I live on Merseyside) and I have looked at the images on Google of the Titanic's First Class Smoking...
  10. Encyclopedia Titanica

    White Star Line Liverpool offices to be luxury hotel
  11. J

    Lusitania crew list liverpool to new york

    please can anyone tell me where to find a crew list for the voyage out from liverpool to new york?? I have Sydney Dewrance dying on the lusitania due to enemy action in may 1915. The spelling of his name is wrong. it should be Durand, pronounce Dewrand. Sydney was only 18 when he died and I am...
  12. R

    Captain Smiths home in Waterloo Liverpool 1898 - 1907

    Captain Smith and I share the same house in ~Waterloo Liverpool England. He lived here in 1898 to 1907 and there are so many interesting snippets of social history never before recorded against his time in Waterloo. For example he was awarded a medal by King Edward whilst living here, imagine...
  13. L

    Passengers from Liverpool

    Someone told me that passengers may have been transferred all the way from Liverpool to the Titanic. Could this be true?
  14. A

    Titanic The Musical to set sail into Liverpool in 2012

    2012 marks the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. To commemorate this remarkable event, WKLOS will be bringing their award-winning production of 'Titanic - the Musical' back to the Liverpool Empire. The show will be staged from Tues 5th - Sat 9th June 2012 Tickets are...
  15. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Titanic Connections with Liverpool
  16. P

    Titanic Postcard sent from Liverpool to Cheshire in November 1912

    This is an original Postcard sent by a brother to brother and sister in November 1912. The recipient is called Mrs George Oldfield. We are looking to find out a value and maybe sell the item [Moderator's note: This thread has been moved here from "General Titanica," where it was originally...
  17. P

    An account from The Liverpool Echo 25412

    Von Drachstedt rushed to the tennis-court as soon as the collision occurred, for this was situated, he thought, pretty much at the bottom of the boat. He found six inches of water covering the floor. He ran up five flights of steps and induced friends to descend to see the alarming situation...
  18. R

    Photo Essay QE2's farewell to Liverpool 3 October 2008

    Compliments of renowned Cunard photographer Peter Hewitt. QE2's Farewell to Liverpool
  19. N

    Who's going to the BTS meeting in Liverpool this weekend

    Just wondering who else is going to the BTS this weekend? I am looking forward to the presentations and my wife is looking forward to the shopping, so we will both be happy See you all there James.
  20. C


    i am going to be visiting liverpool soon, so i thought i could use the time looking at Titanic. Apart from the maratime museum, is there anywhere else to visit? (sorry if this has been asked before) Charlie