1. Captain Puckett

    How did the watchman get to his post on the mast?

    I don't see anything that would help to get up there.
  2. George Alfred Hogg, Look Out

    George Alfred Hogg, Look Out

    New gravestone for George Alfred Hogg at South Stoneham cemetery Southampton
  3. FredFleet_R&D

    FRED Film - The Untold True Story of RMS Titanic Lookout Frederick Fleet

    Hi all, i'd like to introduce a film project i'm working on which aims to tell tragic story of Frederick Fleet - Titanic's lookout who spotted the iceberg. Predominantly set in 1965 Southampton. We meet Fred a solemn man in his late seventies. From the off, we see Fred burying his late wife...
  4. S

    Other Ships in the vicinity posting extra lookouts?

    I'm wondering if there's been any testimony/research done that reflects the other ships within the ice field (besides the Californian & Carpathia) that were moving in or towards the ice field that took extra precaution in posting extra lookouts and/or had the Captain on the bridge? It has...

    Distance to the Iceberg when sighted, and questions about the lookouts.

    If you just want to know the answer, it is 430 meters, or 1410.5 feet. Alright, so I haven't really found a consistent answer on how far away the iceberg was once it was spotted, and I get it, we can't go back to that night and see it with our own eyes, but I would of expected more consistent...
  6. Arun Vajpey

    Lookout in the Crow's Nest

    I have always wondered about one nautical aspect and was hoping that with so many people with seagoing experience here someone may have the right answer. Does anyone know who, when and where discovered the concept of using lookouts positioned at a height much higher than the topmost deck? I...
  7. Dan Kappes

    Were the lookouts distracted?

    In James Cameron's film, the lookouts are briefly distracted by the sight of Jack & Rose making out on the well deck, thus preventing them from seeing the iceberg in time. If the lookouts were distracted by something on deck in real life, they could've chosen to keep silent about it during the...
  8. Fleet mirage english version.jpg

    Fleet mirage english version.jpg

  9. Jim Currie

    Are these the lookouts?

    The following is a blow-up of part of the well-known picture entitled "Titanic leaving Southampton" Any ideas as to who might be in the "Nest"?
  10. A

    How Many Times Did the Lookouts Warn the Bridge?

    Do you believe the lookouts spotted more than one iceberg before the collision? I noticed that several survivors had witnessed icebergs before the collision, and that the officers on the Carpathia could see about half a dozen icebergs about 2 miles away during the night. At daybreak the...
  11. Atlantic1987

    Questions about Fleet and Lee

    Are there any resources with emphasis on the two men during the night of the 14th? Currently skipping ahead a bit in my research due to writers' block and looking into the ten minutes before the impact. Also, who were intended to relieve them after midnight if the collision never happened?
  12. R

    How far could the lookouts see ?

    I have always assumed that the men in the crow's nest could see as far to the horizon as the old rule of thumb.: The distance in miles is equal to the product of a constant (I have seen both 1.2 or 1.55) times the square root of the height above sea level in feet ? How high was the crow's nest...
  13. Arun Vajpey

    Fleet's 'Haze'

    I have read a few accounts with state that Frederick Fleet in the Crow's Nest saw a "haze" in the horizon a minute or so he spotted the actual iceberg and rang the warning bell. Does anyone know if that was a verbatim quote by Fleet or Lee or assumption by a writer based on statements by either...
  14. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Frederick Fleet sights an Iceberg

  15. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Lookouts : The Human Perspective

  16. M

    Icy NY for the Oceanic lookouts in Jan 1912

    "With the thermometer at 3 degrees below zero at 6:50 o'clock yesterday morning, New York experienced its coldest day since Jan. 5, 1904...The barrier of ice at Pier 59, where the White Star liner Oceanic was docked, was so thick she had a hard job to back out into the river. The movement of...
  17. M

    Hiring Lookouts

    I am curious to know how lookouts were hired in the White Star Line. I read the following in the US Inquiry: Senator Smith: "Are experienced men usually selected for the lookouts?" Mr. Lightoller: "Speaking for myself, I always select old lookout men that I know..." And in one of Mr...
  18. M

    Fleet Lee and the Kenilworth Castle

    It seems possible that Lookouts Fleet and Lee sailed together on the Kenilworth Castle in 1913 before Lee's death in August of that year. I was looking at some photos of Fleet's discharge book in THS' Titanic Commutator, vol 17, no. 1, May 1993-July 1993. Fleet sailed on the Olympic from...
  19. R

    Defending Fleet And Lee

    Well my friends, here's my first E-T article for '09. It doesn't add anything new per se to the subject of Frederick Fleet and Reginald Lee's sighting of the iceberg for dyed in the wool students of the disaster, but I hope it does prove instructive for members of the general public who...
  20. R

    What Was Mr Cameron's Source For Having Fleet And Lee

    In the final script and finished film, James Cameron depicted Fleet and Lee as looking down at passengers (in this instance the romantic leads) kissing on the forward well deck, then joking about something related to it and then discussing something about "smelling ice". Right after that they...