1. Arun Vajpey

    Lookout in the Crow's Nest

    I have always wondered about one nautical aspect and was hoping that with so many people with seagoing experience here someone may have the right answer. Does anyone know who, when and where discovered the concept of using lookouts positioned at a height much higher than the topmost deck? I...
  2. Maureen Zottoli


    There are many rumors, stories, and feelings about where the Crow's Nest's binoculars were. Can;t place where I read it, but it seems that I haev seen that they were placed in a locker by the officer who was replaced and never sailed and so were on the ship the whole time. Any other stories...
  3. P

    David Blair and the lookouts' binoculars

    I have read from several different sources that David Blair knew where the lookouts binoculars were but never had the chance to tell anyone before he left the ship. Is this the truth or is it possible this is another subject that may have been stretched as many have said of Captain Smith's...