1. Diana Statue from over the Lounge Fireplace forward 1985.jpg

    Diana Statue from over the Lounge Fireplace forward 1985.jpg

  2. Cam Houseman

    Correct dimensions of the Hallway to the First Class Lounge?

    Hello There, I'm wondering whether the iron plan of Olympic shows the correct width of the hallway aft to the First Class Lounge,, or if these are the correct dimensions? thanks!
  3. JvMartin

    R.M.S TITANIC / R.M.S OLYMPIC First Class Lounge Wall panel carving decoration

    I'm making a 3d model of the Lounge and I need a good reference of the details (carving) of the walls, pillars, ceiling and etc. If anyone has a good quality and zoomed photo of the walls in the White Swan Hotel please send below <3 Jv
  4. Ethan Nelson

    Answered Steward call buttons in the first class lounge

    I came across a site that claimed that the Titanic's First class lounge on A deck contained several steward call buttons located on the carved posts located near the center of the lounge? Is this claim true and accurate?
  5. Uomiuo

    Architectural styles of 1st and 2nd class spaces

    Recently, I've become interested in the use of different "styles" to convey different atmospheres within the upper-class spaces of the RMS Titanic. However, it's difficult finding reliable sources on which style each room conveyed. and even more so information on the styles themselves. Are...
  6. R

    Did the First Class Lounge flood?

    Hi, I am just wondering the extent of how much the First Class Lounge on A deck flooded before the break-up. Surely the water reached up the corridor from the Grand Staircase and flooded the Reading and Writing room (as well as through this room's windows from the outside). If the Reading and...
  7. Aelvir

    Titanic's 2nd Class Lounge?

    Been looking through the deck plans, but I can't really seem to see the 2nd Class Lounge being listed anywhere on the plans for some reason. Does anybody know what Deck the 2nd Class Lounge is located on?
  8. B

    Food in the 1st Class Lounge?

    Looking at the deckplans I noticed that there is a pantry aft of the 1st Class Lounge of A Deck. I was wondering if it's known what food could be ordered by passengers in the Lounge.
  9. G

    Image Lounge An Illustrated History

    Hello, can anyone please sent me - or post here - the image of 4 men playing cards in the first class lounge??? This image belongs to the "first-class lounge section" of the book Titanic- An Illustrated History! It is the only image that is missing from my collection of lounge things. I would be...
  10. I

    First Class Lounge

    I was just looking at lounge question in this section and I wonder, what is the situation with lounge room...are some artifacts founded or around wreck from lounge room? Also, is there anyone who has some pictures from lounge furniture, chandeliers and textures? Ivan
  11. D

    1st class smoking lounge

    hi everybody. here's my version of the first class smoking lounge. i know that the humans in the windows aren't perfect, but i'm not really good in creating humans :-) cheers daniel
  12. G

    New FirstClass Lounge imagens

    White Swan Hotel and Cameron's TITANIC: [First photo deleted due to copyright. MHS]
  13. A

    Lounge Windows for sale

    Have a look at www.trinitymarine.co.uk and if you go to the Olympic section there are what appears to be some lounge windows for sale . The write up that is attached to them is a little erroneous and they appear to have done little research on where these windows are from originally -...
  14. G

    Dead woman floating in the lounge

    One of the four first-class women who died on the Titanic, Edith Corse Evans it is, probably, the dead woman floating at the lounge! Does anyone agree?
  15. G

    First Class Lounge image

    Does anyone have the image of 3 or 4 men plaing cards in the olympic's first-class lounge??? I first saw in a ken Marchall's book!!!! or any rare picture of the lounge!!! please tell me!!!
  16. D

    Virtual Lounge

    Hello, I read in this board, Hello, I read in this board, but I don't remember where that the set of the First Class Lounge was made by computer. Is that true? Best regards, Diego
  17. D

    Virtual Lounge

    Hello, I read in this board, but I don't remember where that the set of the First Class Lounge was made by computer. Is that true? Best regards, Diego
  18. Damon Hill

    First Class Lounge model

    I have built a model of the Lounge and recently took a pic of it....it is just about finished after countless months of work. Damon
  19. T

    Were Olympic & Titanic's 1st class lounge and smoking Rooms identical

    I believe the colour of the floortiles in the 1st class Smoking Rooms on Olympic and Titanic were different- and each had a different painting over the fireplace- Plus Titanic had a revolving door in the Smoking room that communicated with the portside verandah cafe that the olympic lacked...
  20. T

    Titanic Lounge 3D Model Rework

    Hey all, as some of you might remember I had started making a 3D model of the lounge years back. After purchasing an upgrade of the program I had previously been using, I've been going back lately and gutting a lot of my older models and redesigning them using the latest tools and features...