lusitania wreck

  1. Auden G Minor

    What happened to Lusitania's bridge?

    I have never seen the bridge on the wreck and I have no idea what happened to it, can anybody tell me what happened to it?
  2. Cam Houseman

    Lusitania 2020 mosaic

    She's gone. Look at her: this was taken the other day. The Lusitania is gone, she's not even recognizable.
  3. Lusitania Wreck 2020

    Lusitania Wreck 2020

  4. Seumas

    Any Recent Activity At The Wreck ?

    Would anyone happen to know if there have been any recent dives to the Lusitania in the last twelve-eighteen months or so ? Or if any are planned for the near future ? The last big expedition that was that done for the "Dark Secrets of the Lusitania" documentary a few years back wasn't it ? I...