1. Frederik-Matthias Davids

    Pictures of forecastle machinery on C Deck.

    Hello, I´m still new to this forum and I not found a similar post, so I decided to ask here: Is there any picture of the windlass area on C Deck forward available? Thanks
  2. D

    Titanic's generating sets

    Hi I'm David Arnfield from radcliffe UK, I own a W. H. Allen generating set built in 1911,according to w.h.allens it is the only close relative of the titanics generating set known to survive, I took the engine out of a cotton mill near Holmfirth in 2004.please see attached picture
  3. A

    Removing the Machinery to Lighten the Ship?

    When the Olympic was being repaired in Belfast following her collision with HMS Hawke the Belfast Newsletter said: 'Operations were carried out night and day, in order that the vessel might be ready to resume her place in the White Star fleet at the earliest possible day. It was necessary to...