1. Seumas

    Was Any Effort Made To Involve The RN & USN In Recovering The Dead ?

    I was just wondering ... Is there any record of anyone (prominent survivors, politicians, WSL, IMM) attempting to get the governments of Britain and the USA to have the Royal Navy and the United States Navy assist with recovering the bodies ? Surely both navies could have easily spared an old...
  2. H

    Henry Allen (fireman)

    I am a descendant of Henry Allen (not to be confused with William Henry Allen, a 3rd class passenger). I have managed to piece together some of his story and that of his widow and 7 orphaned children. I was also lucky enough to be able to visit his grave in Halifax last week....possibly the...
  3. S

    MacKayBennett teapot Nope probably not

    eBay item - Alleged MacKay-Bennett ship's teapot There's no point in emailing eBay sellers in my experience... but this one is on course for a pretty penny and buyers should understand one thing. It's marked "Mackay Bennett Cables," not ss. MacKay-Bennett. Mackay Bennett was a...
  4. C

    The bodies recoved by the CS MackayBennett

    I was looking around the Nova Scotia archives and found this manifest of a comprehensive list of all of the names of all of the bodies that were picked up by the Mackay-Bennett on 4-17-1912. Thought it might be of interest to some...
  5. N

    MackayBennett Period Photo

    Spotted on E Bay today You are bidding on a second generation photo of the rescue ship Mackay-Bennett's deck showing the officials/crew preparing one of the bodies for their coffin. This pic and one other of the iceberg(see other items) that hit the Titanic have never been made public. Has...
  6. J

    What happened to the MackayBennet

    what happened to the Mackay-Bennet Minia Montagny Algerine
  7. R

    Correct spelling of Mackay Bennett's Captain

    Did you know that the correct spelling for the captain of the Mackay-Bennett's name is Captain F.H. Larnder. Interestingly this is a point mentioned in the book of Alan Ruffman's "Titanic Remembered..." We shared our records of research on the Titanic Deck Chair. Ralph
  8. R

    Names of the crew of the MackayBennett

    The Mackay-Bennett was under hire doing cable repair work for the "Compagnie Francaise des Cables Telegraphiques". So the French crew worked on board this cable ship. Do we know about any of the french crew names who were on board? Did they go along during the body recovery mission. Perhaps...