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    Third-class couples on Titanic

    I have a question. If a third class couple were married, with no children, would they be berthed together or separately? I understand single women had cabins in the stern, while singe men had cabins in the bow. I've also heard that even families traveling with children would be in segregated...
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    Marriages between survivors

    Hello, I often wonder were any marriages between survivors. I know that fist class passenger Mary Eloise Smith married Robert Daniel, who was also from first class. Anyone else?
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    Crew marriages

    Does any body know about the marriages of Boxhall, Fleet and Wilde? There doesn't seem to be much about them. Thank you, Jane
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    Was the Marvin wedding film saved

    All, I've always been curious if the private film made of the wedding of Mr & Mrs Daniel Marvin, only shortly before their sailing on Titanic, has been preserved by their families. Frame enlargements from this movie were published in the London papers so it's obvious that the Marvins did not...