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    Need help contacting Marvin Relatives

    Hello Everyone I am A serious Author and I am writing A very detailed book about the Titanic I've gone through some extensive research but now I need help in contacting the relatives of Daniel Or Mary. I know Mary married into another family a year after the sinking and if I need to ask them for...
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    Mrs Daniel Warner Marvin

    I tried to post this twice last year, but was having trouble with my message board ID and finally gave up... so, Three days before Titanic V (April 14, 2002)at a time that I am never in my restaurant, I was there with my daughter. I had picked her up from school early and we were having...
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    Mrs Daniel Warner Marvin (Mary Graham Carmichael Farquarson)

    Hello all, This is my first new post as I just found this website last evening ~ I did some research concerning my great-grandmother (Mary Marvin) a few years back but did not find this site at the time, and therefore did not get many answers! She never wanted to discuss what happened (the...
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    Mrs Daniel Marvin

    What happened to Mrs. Marvin after the sinking? Was her husbands remains ever found?