1. Aelvir

    Aquitania and Mauretania's deck pipes?

    I've noticed in most of the footage of both Mauretania and Aquitania, their decks seem to be cluttered with a myriad of horn shaped pipes, as opposed to other liners (the Olympic-class for example only had a few of these pipes on deck) is there a particular reason Mauretania and Aquitania had so...
  2. Maverick Musser

    Mauretania Second Class interior photos

    Hello, I'm new to the forum website. I was wondering if anybody had rare archival photos of RMS Mauretania's Second Class? If you do please send it or send to me my gmail [email protected]
  3. Antonio DeGaetano

    Lusitania and Mauretania Minecraft Project

    Hi all! I'm kind of new here, so let me introduce myself first, my name is Antonio DeGaetano, I am 17 and live in Southern California. I have been a Titanic enthusiast since 1st grade, taught myself how to draw (essentially, I never took art classes and blew away my friends by drawing Titanic...
  4. B

    RMS Mauretania/Lusitania vs. Olympic class: public places

    Hello ! I m new at this forum so please, forgive me if this topic has been discussed before. And forgive me too, for my english, i m spanish. I was wondering about the size and length of common places (and luxurious as well but this subjective) between the mauretania and lusitania against...
  5. M

    News from 1935: Sale of Mauretania's fitting

    News from 1935: Sale of Mauretania's fittings The Evening Post, Wellington, 19 June 1935 Retrieved from the National Library of New Zealand web site, Papers Past LAST OF A LINER --- THE MAURETANIA SALE --- £15,000 REALISED --- Although the Mauretania's next voyage from Southampton...
  6. P

    RMS Mauretania interiors in colour

    Hi, For anyone who's interested I've just completed part 1 of a 3D project I've been working on at Tyne and Wear Archives. You may already know Tyne and Wear archives holds an extensive collection of Mauretania reference material, I've utilised several parts of it to recreate my favourite...
  7. S

    Entex Lusitania conversion to Mauretania

    I am considering converting the 350 scale entex Lusitania into the Mauretania. I would be grateful for any suggestions on matters that I should consider specifically relating to the conversion of the model itself. Or indeed if this conversion is not practical. I am aware of some of the...
  8. S

    Book about fate of Mauretania's relics

    Hi, I saw in an academic library catalogue last year, an entry for a book that gave a lot of detail of the current whereabouts of Mauretania's relics. I had been published in the 2000s and the synopsis gave a large number sites and the author clearly had done a lot of research. Do any of...
  9. W

    RMS Mauretania New Set of Profile Drawings

    My two previous drawings of Maury were unsatisfactory and full of inaccuracies. So i drawn a complete new set. Here they are RMS Mauretania (1907) HMHS Mauretania More...
  10. W

    HMHS Mauretania Funnel Measure

    Anybody knows how Mauretania's funnels were painted during her hospital ship service? A lot of sources states that they were left in Cunard red with black tops, and the photographs taken during that period are too dark to give exact informations. Thanks in advance Walter
  11. W


    Depiction of RMS Mauretania starboard profile. Note that I only edited James Martindale's RMS Lusitania...i only added the hull under the waterline and other small changes. All credits must go to him. RMS Mauretania of 1907 HMHS Mauretania...
  12. E

    Mauretania Construction Photograph Detail

    Hi All, I could not sleep so I played around with this Mauretania construction photocard I have. I had it scanned at a good size and re-exposure and with a little further Photoshop it looks fairly good. The protective coverings are in place on the props and the people looking around provide...
  13. M

    MAURETANIA I attn Eric Longo

    Hello again Eric, by word of mouth from an Antique dealer I was pointed to a second-hand store owner, who used to collect Ocean Liner memorabilia. He took me down to his basement and showed me an original photo which he thought was Lusitania, I corrected him and let him know it was Mauretania...
  14. E

    RMS Mauretania Bookend Images 735TH Post 19071931 COLOR

    Hi All, This is my 735TH post at ET - 735 being the hull number of my beloved Mauretania. I have enjoyed joining the various discussions, adding what I could and making new friends here. I know I promised I'd make something really neat for this post, but my health has been bad these last few...
  15. E

    Mauretania's wartime voyages

    In Humphry Jordan's book, Mauretania's voyages from No 97 to 116 are designated wartime voyages, viz 97, 98, 99 are trooping to Gallipoli, 100, 101, 102 are hospital voyages, 103 and 104 are to Canada, 105,6,7,8,9, 10, 11 are the seven American trooping voyages, but there seems no mention of...
  16. C

    RMS Mauretania spoon

    Years ago when my Grandmother passed away i found in her things a little sterling silver spoon with an enameled picture of the MAURETANIA on granny never did any traveling.....don't know where it came from.....was these spoons sold onboard?????
  17. E

    Mauretania a prayer for her

    On July 23rd, 1935, a service was held in Winchester Cathedral for the Shipping Festival. it included the unveiling and dedication of a model of R.M.S. Mauretania. A photocopy of the order of service can be got from Winchester Cathedral office, 5 the Close, Winchester, Hampshire SO23 9LS...
  18. A

    Mauretania deck plans

    hi, i was wondering if anyone has or knows where i can find plans of the r.m.s. mauretania (1907-1935) i would be really greatful if anyone could tell me, hope to hear from you soon...
  19. J

    Updated Mauretania Article

    Hello, all. Check out Eric Longo's updated, beautifully illustrated Maurentania article now up and running. I enjoyed, very much, being able to read this piece while it was in draft condition, and can give a sincere "Beautifully done-...
  20. R

    Mauretania barometer on Ebay

    I found this interesting item on Ebay... cunard mauretania | eBay Can anyone tell me a little more about it? I'm guessing this would have come from a passenger area on the ship since it was apparently purchased during the auction in Southampton before she sailed for the breakers (so...