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  1. Logan Horning

    10 Years Since Millvina Dean's Passing

    In case anybody isn't aware, today it has been exactly 10 years since Millvina Dean, the very last survivor of the Titanic, as well as the youngest person who was on the Titanic, has passed away. She lived a long live, and she will never be forgotten. God bless you, Millvina. Rest in peace.
  2. C

    Did Millvina Dean's brother have children?

    I hardly use Internet but will use those 2,3 days. Hopefully when I come here I could find answer to my question. Now, Millvina Dean's brother Bertram Vere has any children? For all the information I gathered from books and other Places there is no mentioning of him yet he was very interested...
  3. P

    Print signed by Millvina Dean

    Could it be the Titanic’s so Elusive mystery lights are revealed? In 1999 an event took place at The West Edmonton Mall that brought together for the first time a Titanic survivor Mrs. Millvina E.G.Dean and an actual witness to the Titanic tragedy on that cold dark April night of April 15th 1912...
  4. Mike Poirier

    Millvina has passed away

    I'm sorry to hear that Millvina Dean, last survivor of the Titanic has passed away. She has meant so much to so many and I am sure all Titanic researchers, buffs and societies, will miss her greatly. God rest her soul.
  5. D

    Happy Birthday Millvina Dean (February 2)

    I just wanted everyone that didn't already know that today is Millvina Dean's 90th birthday. I hope she is having a wonderful day. We love you Millvina!
  6. R

    Cunningham and Jemima's Titanic The Last Survivor The Life Of Millvina Dean

    A new book is published by Kingfisher Productions in the UK about the life of Millvina Dean. Entitled 'Tianic - The Last Survivor, the book written by Anthony Cunningham and Sheila Jemmima is a glossy hardback with lots of colour and black & white photos depicting her life from just a few weeks...
  7. H

    Millvina Dean's Real Name

    I know that 'Millvina' was just a nickname, but what is her real name? I've seen on this site and on some others that it's Elizabeth Gladys, but unless I'm very confused, other sites and books have said that her name is Millicent Vera. I would very much like to know. Thanks in advance!
  8. Brian J. Ticehurst

    Millvina Dean Titanic Survivor

    For a good story (with picture) about how a Double Decker Bus has been named after Titanic Survivor Miss Millvina Dean see: Cheers Brian
  9. Brian J. Ticehurst

    Titanic Survivors news Millvina Dean

    Wednesday 1st December 2004 News of Titanic Survivor Millvina Dean Just to say that I am happy to pass on Millvina's Best Wishes and Seasons Greetings to you all. My wife and I had Morning Coffee with her and Bruno today and we found her in great form. Unfortunately she is not all that...
  10. A

    Baby named after Millvina Dean

    I dont know if anyone has already posted this but its pretty cool.
  11. D

    Millvina Dean coming to United States

    I just read in another newsgroup that Miss Dean would be attending an autograph convention in Washington DC in May of this year. Its good to hear that she is gaining her strength back.
  12. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Millvina Dean
  13. John Clifford

    Titanic's Future

    I wonder what will happen after Millvina Dean is gone. She is the only one of the five remaining survivors who will talk about the disaster, albeit relating stories from her mother. The other four, including three survivors now in nursing homes, have chosen not to say anything. Two of them...