model ships

  1. Logan Horning

    Oxford Titanic Model I got for Christmas

    Hello, everyone. So this Christmas, I got an Oxford set model of the Titanic, and it's 68 centimeters (2 feet 2.77 inches) long. Oxford is basically a Lego bootleg from Korea. (Yes, Lego bricks and Oxford bricks can be used together.) I built the model today in just 4 to 5 hours, and I would...
  2. con6r

    Another 3D Lusitania Model

    Hello everyone, I'm a novice at modeling ships in Blender and I was recently inspired by FelisLeopard's excellent Lusitania model to give a crack at it myself. If anyone could send me or point me in the direction of deck plans, framing plans, or high-resolution images of the Lusitania, it would...
  3. Aelvir

    Why are there no Olympic models?

    Has anyone know of any proper models of RMS Olympic. I've been trying to get one but to no avail. Nearly every model I find is just a model of the Titanic with Olympic's name slapped on it (the same ones even has their Titanic and Britannic versions as related products, which are the EXACT SAME...
  4. Aelvir

    HMT Olympic model’s propellers

    A model of RMS Olympic I purchased online came in the other day. Upon inspecting it, I happened to notice something odd about her propellers. All three seem to be four-blades propellers. Which is odd, because her propellers has always been notes as “Two bronze three-bladed wing propellers. One...
  5. H

    Titanic And Other Ship Waterline Models In 1:1250 Scale

    I've recently discovered the world of 1:1250 Model Ships where you can buy metal painted waterline models of ships to recreate miniature docks, ocean crossings and general dioramas. Along with making more famous and modern ships, they also create ships from lesser known shipping lines like the...
  6. R

    Scratch built MV Oceanic III 1600 scale

    Here is a picture of my new model of Oceanic, built from the Harland and Wolff engine arrangement drawing. Enjoy, Rich.
  7. M

    SS United States Waterline Model

    YES! Two days back, it were a lucky day for myself. My neighbor's wife invited me in to see her Christmas Tree. Upon viewing the tree, my eyes immediatly noticed a small waterline model of the S.S. UNITED STATES...I exclaimed it's "The Big U!". The neighbor said her husbasnd just found it at...
  8. Steven Hall

    Carpathia model intended for use in A Night to Remember