1. Milos Grkovic

    My 3D model in Progress (Made in Sketchup)

    Here's a little sneak peek of how my model looked like in progress. The plans are downloaded from this site, while the above and the front view can be found on Philippe Melia's
  2. Logan Horning

    Oxford Titanic Model I got for Christmas

    Hello, everyone. So this Christmas, I got an Oxford set model of the Titanic, and it's 68 centimeters (2 feet 2.77 inches) long. Oxford is basically a Lego bootleg from Korea. (Yes, Lego bricks and Oxford bricks can be used together.) I built the model today in just 4 to 5 hours, and I would...
  3. A

    Accurate Titanic kit

    Does anyone know if the Academy 1/400 Titanic ( Kit #ACD14226) is equally or more accurate than Minicraft's 1/350 kit? I admit I am drawn to the Academy kit due to the photo etch and wooden deck upgrades that are included. Plus they did a great job with the marketing photos. The bottom line for...
  4. T

    Titanic stern wreck photos

    I am making a stern wreck model and since the TRMA page is no longer operational I have lost alot of references, so anybody that could link me to videos or photos to the stern wreck I would be very greatful.
  5. H

    3D Printed 1/72 Titanic: Sinking Test and possible results?

    For the past several months, BernCo Models has been 3D Printing a scaled model of the Titanic after several attempts at Kickstarter and testing. The model measures 3.7 Meters long, has been weighted for ballast with cement now weighing 200kg and is RC Controlled. Photo of Model Titanic (taken...
  6. T

    Lego Titanic Models

    Well i finished my lego Titanic a couple of months ago and finally got the pictures developed but im trying to find a way to make the picture smaller so it can fit on here but i cant so if you want to see it I will send it to you. -Trent