1. data-science-dad

    Titanic Boat Deck

    Hey all, I am continuing (slowly) to progress on the Titanic model on Minecraft. After two months, I have finally finished the boat deck (mostly). Before continuing to A-deck, I wanted to try and get some constructive criticism on how I applied the deck plans for this first phase. If anyone...
  2. Kareen Healey

    Capt. Benoit Lavoie's model

    Here is some photos of a great TITANIC's Model made by Captain Benoit Lavoie, a friend of mine, who has been the Skipper of a Schooner on St-Lawrence River for 35 years. He is 80 now and since he retired in the 2000's he dedicates himself on making models of TITANIC (if interested, he sells the...
  3. N

    Any good pictures of the 1953 Titanic Model?

    Any good side views of the 1953 filming model? The only ones I see are ones showing the bow and stern. I'd like to see a good side view or boat deck views of the model. I'm sorry if I posted this in the wrong place.
  4. H

    3D Printed Titanic, Carpathia, Californian and other ships 1:1000 Scale models

    In a similar vein to Titanic Honor and Glory's 3D printed models, a person by the name of "vandragon_de" has been 3D printed his own 1:1000 scale models of Titanic, Cunard and the Big Four ocean liners via a Patreon page. However he has also been 3D printing other vessels including the...
  5. A

    Accurate Titanic kit

    Does anyone know if the Academy 1/400 Titanic ( Kit #ACD14226) is equally or more accurate than Minicraft's 1/350 kit? I admit I am drawn to the Academy kit due to the photo etch and wooden deck upgrades that are included. Plus they did a great job with the marketing photos. The bottom line for...
  6. con6r

    Another 3D Lusitania Model

    Hello everyone, I'm a novice at modeling ships in Blender and I was recently inspired by FelisLeopard's excellent Lusitania model to give a crack at it myself. If anyone could send me or point me in the direction of deck plans, framing plans, or high-resolution images of the Lusitania, it would...
  7. Alison Canot

    My 3D model

    ________________________________________________________________________________________ Hi! I'm Alison Canot from the Dominican Republic and it's my first publication in this forum. I am an Architect and one of my passions in the RMS Titanic, I have a small collection that includes different...
  8. FelisLeopard

    3D model of Lusitania

    Hello, guys. I'm making a 3D model of Lusitania and actually i feel like i'm almost done. But there are some places, that i want to cover and i have no info about it. So i have few questions. Also i'd like to receive critics, so i could improve my model. Right now i have no plans for it. I...
  9. T

    Titanic stern wreck photos

    I am making a stern wreck model and since the TRMA page is no longer operational I have lost alot of references, so anybody that could link me to videos or photos to the stern wreck I would be very greatful.
  10. H

    Titanic And Other Ship Waterline Models In 1:1250 Scale

    I've recently discovered the world of 1:1250 Model Ships where you can buy metal painted waterline models of ships to recreate miniature docks, ocean crossings and general dioramas. Along with making more famous and modern ships, they also create ships from lesser known shipping lines like the...
  11. Itsstillthinking

    Real-Time Demos

    Weird topic but as some of you know as i transitioned to UE4 For making my animations, this gave me the ability to run around and experience these animations as well. It should be stated right at the beginning that any of these Demos that are released in the future are not meant to steal any...
  12. Itsstillthinking

    3D Titanic Model Scene's

    Just thought id make this thread to post interesting screenshots i do in my spare time with 3d modeling that dont deserve there own topic. First couple of fun ones here
  13. R

    Trumpeter 1/200 Scale

    Has anyone here heard anything more about the upcoming release for Trumpeter`s new 1/200 scale Titanic? I'm asking around on a few places trying to see if anyone heard anything about pricing, if it would include PE, and if it was going to be as accurate as the Minicraft 1/350 scale models. I'm...
  14. H

    3D Printed 1/72 Titanic: Sinking Test and possible results?

    For the past several months, BernCo Models has been 3D Printing a scaled model of the Titanic after several attempts at Kickstarter and testing. The model measures 3.7 Meters long, has been weighted for ballast with cement now weighing 200kg and is RC Controlled. Photo of Model Titanic (taken...
  15. D

    Collapsible lifeboat model

    Does anybody know the exact measurements of titanic collapsible lifeboats and exactly how I would be able to make one (probably impossible, right)? Are there any plans on the internet? Im asking this question because it would be so cool to try the boat out on a lake.
  16. W

    My humble efforts at a bow wreck model 1/175 scale

    Howdy everybody, newbie here and honored to be a part of this group. I have attached a couple pictures of my 1/175 bow wreck, 1985 version.
  17. S

    3D Printed Titanic Model

    One thing I'm considering doing at some point when I have the free time required to do it is a printed 1/150 model made one deck at a time. Each deck would be framed for hanging, or they could be stacked to build the ship. The beauty of 3D Printing is this could be done with furniture and most...
  18. Antonio DeGaetano

    Lusitania and Mauretania Minecraft Project

    Hi all! I'm kind of new here, so let me introduce myself first, my name is Antonio DeGaetano, I am 17 and live in Southern California. I have been a Titanic enthusiast since 1st grade, taught myself how to draw (essentially, I never took art classes and blew away my friends by drawing Titanic...
  19. A

    Minicraft RMS Titanic Model Kit (1/350th scale)

    Gentlemen, I’m a big lover of Titanic. The vessel, her history, the tragedy. I have some Titanic vitamins in my blood and I don't know why. I recently ended a 1:350 scale model of Titanic in museum quality which took me almost 10 months to end it. Every detail is included. Please see the...
  20. T

    40" myTITANIC model

    Hey guys, I got my prized wooden Titanic (won via eBay auction that went all the way to the last minute, literally!) last week and she's now in a very lofty position in the display area at home... While the ship is mainly kept there, I've also taken her for photo-shooting as a test subject when...