1. Matthew Annett

    My Titanic 3D Model

    Hello, Several Years ago I posted some of my work on my 3d Titanic. Recently I have not had much time to make much progress on the model because of schoolwork, but recently my school has went on strike so I have lots of time now. Anyways, Here are several Renders of her and hopefully more...
  2. J

    My 2003 Raise The Titanic Miniature Replica

    I was unsure where to post this as it's a model, but a specialised subject, so I posted it here. This is the 1/350th scale replica I built in 2003 for the old website and over a 9 month period as a kind of "How To Build One Yourself" feature. The model is based on the...
  3. T

    Lego Titanic Models

    Well i finished my lego Titanic a couple of months ago and finally got the pictures developed but im trying to find a way to make the picture smaller so it can fit on here but i cant so if you want to see it I will send it to you. -Trent