1. H

    Question Last bodies recovered

    Were the three bodies recovered by the Montmagny on 10 May in a boat? If so, which one. I cannot see that the bodies would still be recoverable a month after the sinking otherwise.
  2. Seumas

    Was Any Effort Made To Involve The RN & USN In Recovering The Dead ?

    I was just wondering ... Is there any record of anyone (prominent survivors, politicians, WSL, IMM) attempting to get the governments of Britain and the USA to have the Royal Navy and the United States Navy assist with recovering the bodies ? Surely both navies could have easily spared an old...
  3. A

    Montmagny's Recovered Bodies

    Does anyone have the body records for the victims recovered by the Montmagny? [Moderator's note: This thread, originally in a different topic, has been moved to this subtopic, which addresses related subjects. MAB]
  4. S

    Montmagny research project

    Hello, I recently acquired a deck chair which is believed to be a Titanic deck chair recovered by the Canadian Fisheries and Lighthouse vessel "Montmagny" which was based out of Quebec, Canada. I am currently in the midst of a research project on both the Montmagny and her role in the recovery...