morro castle

  1. L

    Locating information about a crew member of the Morro Castle

    According to family lore, my deceased uncle, Robert Young, was reported to be a "busboy" on the Morro Castle on the night of the ship's demise. It's been said that he aided two young women, giving them his life jacket. All three survived the ordeal. Years after the event, he and the two women...
  2. J


    DAY 1. HAVANA: I begin my Morro Castle anniversary road trip, walking along a street in Havana, the city from which the liner Morro Castle departed for the final time on September 6, 1934. I am feeling the buzz from perhaps one too many Mojitos, of which I am glad because it has taken the edge...
  3. M

    Morro Castle Melody Cruiseb

    Just saw the 1933 musical film "Melody Cruise" screened at NYC Film Forum under a series called B Musicals. There was a scene reputedly in Havana with a ship in the background with only it's front & part of it's sides facing the camera. It was on so quickly that I was unable to identify as the...
  4. Stanley C Jenkins

    Titanic & Morro Castle

    As a new member of the group I have been reading past topics with great interest. I am particularly impressed with the huge amount of work that has been carried out into individual passengers and crew members. On the other hand, I am shocked and saddened to read the accusations that have...
  5. B

    New book on the horizon about the Morro Castle

    I just saw this upcoming book. Has anyone heard any advance word? I have the Hal Burton book ( $1.00 library sale) and it was very interesting. I hope this one will have some information.
  6. J

    Morro Castle / Mohawk Article

    This article began about fifteen years too late. I realised, as I was collecting the material I needed to flesh out the stories that I wanted to tell, that the majority of my "central characters" died between 1995 and 2000, and I found myself wishing that I had been motivated enough to undertake...
  7. M

    SS Morro Castle Ward Line

    Please feel free to check out my new website dedicated the the Ward Line. A large section is devoted to the Morro Castle of 1930, including artist's color renderings of her interior appointments. Is anyone else out there interested in the Ward Line-- they were consigning cargo on the Titanic...
  8. D

    Morro Castle

    I am interested in the wreck of the MORRO CASTLE and its relative position to the wreck site of the NEW ERA. Is there someone in this group that is knowledgeable about the MORRO CASTLE? Dan Lieb [email protected]
  9. R

    TEL Morro Castle

    This conversation addresses another mysterious shipwreck, the burning of the Turbo-Electric Liner Morro Castle, off the New Jersey Coast, in 1934. Captain Robert R. Willmott (usually mispelled as Wilmott), had not been feeling well for a few voyages. The vessel, following its usual, round-trip...