mount temple

  1. C

    Mount Temple's involvement

    THE DEVIL AND THE DETAIL Captain James Henry Moore was Master of the Canadian Pacific vessel SS Mount Temple, which learned of Titanic’s emergency messages for help and reached what she believed was the scene of the disaster around 04.30am on 15th April 1912. Moore was one of many witnesses...
  2. Samuel Halpern

    The Almerian and the Mount Temple

    A new article of mine, The Almerian and the Mount Temple - A Tale of Two Ships, was first published in the December 2012 issue of the Atlantic Daily Bulletin, journal of the British Titanic Society. It deals with the movements of two vessels, Mount Temple and Almerian, on the morning of April...
  3. M

    Dinosaurs in the Deep

    Follow the links on the Dinosaurs in the Deep web site and you'll find some interesting stuff, apparently well-written, about the sinking of Mount Temple, and the shipment of dinosaur and other fossils on her when she went to the bottom...
  4. M

    Capt Moore of Mount Temple

    The Washington Times, 27 April 1912 CAPT. JAMES HENRY MOORE Master of the steamer Mt. Temple, who explained iceberg tests in testimony before Senate today.
  5. Mark Chirnside

    Mount Temple

    I suspect those of you who have looked into the Mount Temple will be groaning at the sight of yet another thread on her, especially in this section of the forum (which I am visiting for the first time in ages at the risk of neglecting my usual haunts in the Technical, Olympic-Britannic and Other...
  6. A

    The Mount Temple

    Hello All, Recently I have been reading in many books, that the MT Temple may have actually been able to get to the Titanic in time, I find this quite interesting and I would like to know more if anyone could tell me some more then just basic information then I would love to hear it (Basic...