1. A

    How many films have been made about the Titanic?

    Can anyone tell me how many movies have been made about the Titanic?
  2. R

    Answered Did Jack and Rose really exist?

    Were the characters Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt Bukater based on real Titanic passengers?
  3. A

    Answered Which was the most accurate film version?

    Of all the films made about the Titanic disaster, which is the most historically accurate?
  4. Matthew Quayle

    S.O.S Titanic Uncut

    For years, I've heard tales of the original version of S.O.S Titanic, but as a person born in '94, I never had the pleasure of watching it for myself in its original format. There are ancient posts from the turn of the millennium with people on this forum having copies of their own, but as...
  5. B


    Swann Auction Galleries of New York has a poster for A Night To Remember for sale on 7 August, 2019: Full Details for Lot 137 It's a bit too sensational for my taste, but the estimate of US$700.00 to 1000.00 is definitely in the affordable range for a lot of people. Any takers?
  6. Dan Kappes

    Box Office Gross

    What was this film's budget and its total box office gross? Was it a box office success in Britain and the United States? And how much was its gross compared to the 1953 and 1997 Titanic films?
  7. Dan Kappes

    Did the Titanic disaster help out the development of cinema?

    Every film about the Titanic seems to be groundbreaking in some way for cinema. The first feature-length films about the disaster were Saved from the Titanic and In Nacht Und Eis, which were both released a few months after the sinking. The first sound film about the disaster was 1929's...
  8. Dan Kappes

    Why was some footage from the 1943 German film used in this film?

    According to Wikipedia: Why was this footage used in A Night to Remember? Were the filmmakers too lazy to create new model shots for these particular scenes in the film?
  9. R

    How about rating the casts in the "Other Titanic Movies" ?

    There is a thread about rating the cast in the 1997 "Titanic" movie. What about some of the others ? 1953 "Titanic" ( I know.....It's at the bottom of everyone's list.....But these are just my "IMHO"s....But it was the first "Titanic" movie I had seen.) Brian Aherne - Worst physical portrayal...
  10. K

    Preferred Movie List

    Hi All, Forgive me if this information is available elsewhere on this site. I would like to have a list of recommended movies, including documentaries, which the people here consider worthwhile viewing. It would be great to see a recommended movie list on a page somewhere for newcomers...
  11. M

    Most horrible Titanic movie ever

    IMO, this was the worst Titanic movie ever. There were so many errors.
  12. C

    Which do you think was the best Titanic movie

    I've only ever seen 2 - A Night to Remember and Titanic. Both of them were great but I prefer Titanic.