1. Jason D. Tiller

    News Twice Accused of Murder, This Writer Later Foresaw the Sinking of the Titanic

    When the R.M.S. Titanic struck an iceberg and sank on the night of April 14 to 15, 1912, the disaster dominated headlines around the world. Stunned by the loss of the purportedly “unsinkable” ship, observers soon found themselves shocked by the similarities between the real-life tragedy and a...
  2. B Portwig

    Rotherwick Castle Murder

    not sure if members would know of the rotherwick castle - cargo ship - from union castle - that also had a murder on her
  3. A

    1911 Attempted Murder Aboard Olympic

    On November 18th 1911 while the Olympic was being repaired in Belfast a gunfight began inside the ship, resulting in one man's arrest and another seriously injured. The incident and trial that followed were covered in local papers. Extracts from Belfast Newsletter Exciting Incident on the...
  4. A

    Crew Member Murdered or Killed by Accident?

    In 1920 the Olympic was converted to oil and sailed to Southampton to begin her post-war service to America. During the voyage from Belfast to Southampton this tragic event occurred. Tensions in Belfast were very high following the defeat of home rule. Was this person's death an accident or...
  5. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Titanic's Violinist and a Villainous Murder
  6. M

    Lusitania Murder on the Atlantic

    Just watched this on Youtube. anyone else seen it?, what did you think of it.
  7. Dave Gittins

    Murdermanslaughter on Queen Mary 2,20867,19130926-1702,00.html Who be a captain?
  8. Inger Sheil

    Assassins in the Park Murder Betrayal and Retribution

    Not a Titanic book, but one by a Titanic author/historian... I see Amazon is now taking pre-orders for Senan's latest work - his much anticipated tome on the Phoenix Park murders in 1882 (although I gather that the cover will be improved on the early-issue one that Amazon is using!)...
  9. Shelley Dziedzic

    Mystery and Murder Afloat

    Has anybody read any of these books by Conrad Allen? He seems to have found a way to work in Oceanic, Lusitania and Mauretania,. Dancing on a Sinking Ship was excellent, and the False Inspector Dew by Peter...
  10. Shelley Dziedzic

    The Villisca Iowa Axe Murders of 1912

    August 4th marked the anniversary (113th) of the Lizzie Borden Murders in Fall River, Mass. but 1912 would also be subjected to another brutal and unsolved crime in the heartland of America which, hard on the heels of the Titanic disaster, made the front pages of newspapers everywhere. Here is a...
  11. M

    Murder Before Ice

    Im currently writting a little fanfiction that involves the Clue characters with the Titanic, I called it "Murder before ice I will post the first and second chapter today, but there are still quite a few chapters left Murder Before Ice Chapter One The Night Before Tuesday, April 9, 1912...
  12. I

    Club Titanic Charlotte murder charges

    According to the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle News:
  13. J

    The Lucania and the Victorian Murderess

    While researching one of our long forgotten local scandals, I came across this 1898 account written by a Police Matron who was lucky enough to travel in high style. A bit of background information. In September 1898, pieces of the body of Mrs Emma Gill began to bob to the surface of Yellow...
  14. I

    Charles Joughin actor murdered

    I heard some time ago that George Rose, the actor who played baker Charles Joughin in ANTR, was murdered in New York. There are conflicting reports on his death. George Rose (born in 1920 as Arthur Ropes in Bicester, Oxfordshire, England), also appeared in more than twenty Broadway...
  15. M

    Titanic's Violinist & a Villainous Murder

    Sounds as though Kate could have had that Munchausen's Syndrome by Proxy - at least to a total psychological amateur. It's a very strange story, but no odder I suppose than so many of the 'atrocity' tales at the time which people really believed, and someone must have made up. The finger of...
  16. M

    Murder on The Titanic

    Anyone ever read this book? It's not bad but before you go out and get it it's a mystery set on the Titanic so it's not too big on history. Might be worth looking at if you like that kind of story
  17. E


    Hello, Is it possible to any on you that murder could have happened during the sinking? I find it possible that during the final anarchy or even the loss of procedure as the sinking started that people could have fulfilled their grudges against another. Think about how no one knows what...
  18. L

    Murder in Spokane WA because of the Titanic

    On April 25, 1912 in Spokane, WA, E.H. Rothrock shot and killed in his office by R. Aleck, crazed by SS Titanic disaster., I have a copy of this article, which is in the Spokane Daily Chronicle.
  19. T

    The Ile De France a Hollywood murder

    Anyone happen to own a video of the 1960 film "The Last Voayage", starring Robert Stack, and the Ille De France? I found this to be a very entertaning film, and very realistic, as an actual liner was partially sunk. And this was no run of the mill liner- in her heyday, the Ille De France was...
  20. I

    Survivors' untimely deaths

    Morning everyone, This subject has more than likely been brought up in another thread so I apologise beforehand if I'm going over old ground. I recently read a book about a British passenger ship which was torpedoed during WW2 and the survivors were eventually rescued from their lifeboats...