1. Melinda R

    Online location of Dr. Bevil's dissertation "And the Band Played on: hypotheses.. of music on the Titanic

    I am trying to find the forensic musicologist, J. Marshall Bevil's (deceased 2017) copy of And the Band Played On: Hypotheses concerning what music was performed near the climax of the Titanic disaster. This was one of his dissertations. He gave me permission in the early 2000s to use it but...
  2. L


    Does anyone know if there is a memorial for any of the musicians who played till the end when RMS Titanic sank??
  3. Titanic Musicians Plaque

    Titanic Musicians Plaque

    In memory of the devoted muscians [names] who were drowned still playing as the Titanic went down April 15 1912
  4. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Titanic bandleader's letter is highlight of auction timed to the 100th

    A New Hampshire auction house is commemorating the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic by offering more than 180 pieces of memorabilia from the maritime tragedy, including a letter from the bandleader who chose to play on as the ship sank. Wallace Hartley wrote home to his parents in...
  5. S

    John Wesley Woodward

    I have clicked newsgroups, but in fact found you from a feature in the 'Oxford Mail' (local evening newspaper) that sang your praises. Your website is so clever, and easy to use. I have been trying to find out where in Windmill Road the Titanic cellist John Wesley Woodward lived, as there is no...
  6. A

    Passengers Who Were Musicians

    Hello, all! I'm a musician that is interested in the musical life on Titanic, but especially as related to musicians who were passengers rather than the members of the "band" that were employed as musicians on the ship. I'm interested in finding passengers that were musicians, instruments...
  7. L

    Hymn Book

    I have read about a White Star songbook which contanted all the songs the band could play is there anywhere this can be bought ?
  8. S

    Legal compensation of Titanic musicians

    ECHO OF TITANIC DISASTER Judge Thomas at Liverpool County Court today decided that the Titanic's bandsmen did not come under the Workmen's Compensation Act. (Waterford News, November 1, 1912 p.5)
  9. M

    Musicians on Liners

    I have a question I believe some of you with an interest in liners in general may be able to help me with. In April 1901 the Japanese music student Taki Rentaro travelled to Germany on a ship called "Koenig Albert" as the third Japanese music student sent to Europe by the Japanese government...
  10. P

    Musicians on board

    Hi Everyone, Quick question for my research. Were the musicians White Star employees or hired independently ? If I missed it somewhere on here I do apologize. Cheers
  11. P

    Information request on Titanic musicians

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone knows a good source of information in regards to the musicians on the Titanic, there could be info on this site but I obviously missed it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Info would be more with prior to the voyage as I am doing a research paper...
  12. M

    The Titanic's Musicians

    First I hope that this is the right category.. As an amateur violinist I have always had the highest respect and admiration for the Titanic's band members. I know that there is a memorial to Wallace Hartley for I've seen a photograph of the memorial but I was wondering does anyone know if there...
  13. G

    Wallace Hartley A Hymn For Eternity

    Just received a new book for review by Yvonne Carroll. Contains some very nice photographs and looks very interesting indeed. It's around the $20 mark and I believe also available in the U.S. Anyone interested can email me at: [email protected] and I'll send full details back. Geoff
  14. M


    The New York Times, 24 March 1912 BANDSMEN NOW PASSENGERS --- Trouble with Union Put Steamships' Musicians in Curious Position --- The Musicians' Union in England has recently interfered with the bands carried on the Atlantic steamships, and has tried to keep them from sailing because the...
  15. M

    Musicians Brailey and Bricoux

    I noticed the names of Titanic musicians W. Theodore Brailey and Roger Bricoux on the Carpathia crew list. According to that record, they both left the ship April 2nd in New York. Anybody know how they got from there back to Southampton to board Titanic?