mystery ship

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    Mystery Ship In Belfast May 29th-31st 1911: What Is It?

    For the past year, I have been trying to identify this ship that is seen docked nearby the Arrol Gantry between May 29th and May 31st 1911, just days before Titanic’s launch. She can been seen in several photos (ranging from a postcard to a John Kempster Photo) but unfortunately is aways seen...
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    Stanley Lord guilty as charged

    I have read many books on Titanic and believe Capt. Lord was a tyrant who bullied his men and scared them to the point where they dared not go against him insisting they go help Titanic which was obviously in distress. It is against maritime law laws of the courts and the laws of God and decency...
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    Stanley Lord Poll

    The Titanic Commutator Volume 12, Number 4, 1988 had the following cutout ballot in the Supplement section: The CALIFORNIAN controversy continues and Mr. Kalman Tanito of Finland believes we ought to take a poll of the members to get the overall view on this subject. We are now giving YOU...
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    California Ship

    In the movie - "a Night To Remeber" 1958 - a ship was in view - the California - I believe. Is this true - how far were they away?? Did they ever come to the rescue - if not - why not?? John