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    Remaining Mysteries of the Titanic

    Hello, long time viewer, first time poster here. I appreciate all of the information many of you have given through the years, I have quite literally gone through many of the discussions here dating back over 15 years and the subject still fascinates me. I only recently started to really take an...
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    Who actually designed the Titanic?

    If you believe the book "Shipbuilders to the World" , Titanic's designer Alexander Carlisle resigned from his post at Harland and Wolff because of personal problems with his brother-in-law Lord William James Pirrie and was then replaced by Pirrie's nephew Thomas Andrews. It's also stated that...
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    The Strange Disappearance of Miss Ann Isham

    All, The fate of this mysterious lady has intrigued everybody. What happened to her? A member of a prominent family, 50-year-old Ann Isham, nicknamed "Lizzie," probably knew others in first class aboard Titanic but no one - at least no one who survived - remembered meeting or seeing her. Even...