new york incident

  1. Still after the Southampton incident.png

    Still after the Southampton incident.png

  2. The New York Incident diagram.jpg

    The New York Incident diagram.jpg

  3. Arun Vajpey

    Events during departure

    In his book The Maiden Voyage author Geoffrey Marcus mentions several minor events that occurred just as the Titanic left the harbour and sailed towards the English Channel. Some of these sound like speculative embellishment while others may well be true. I want to check if there is basis of...
  4. I

    The New York Incident

    Afternoon all, Bored at work so I started looking around on the 'net and found this picture of the New York collision with the Titanic on sailing day. What strikes me about this photo (I've never seen it, apolgies to anyone that already has) is are we looking at passengers on the deck of...
  5. H

    Person spotted on Titanic's First Funnel?

    While the unknown stoker seen atop Titanic's 4th funnel in Queenstown has been seen and commented on dozens of times, there has been other reported stories of stokers watching the SS New York nearly colliding with Titanic from one of her forward funnels (as reported in "Titanic Voices: Memories...
  6. Incident at Southampton.gif

    Incident at Southampton.gif