1. Rob Lawes

    Normandie's RADAR

    I've recently been reading a book by a forner head Government Scientist called R.V. Jones who was at the forefront of the development of RADAR technology in the run up to WW2. In his book "Most Secret War he talks about the design of a type of RADAR that the French were fitting to Normndie to...
  2. A

    SS Normandie colour photos of her demise

    Hi again everyone, i recently came across some photos in colour of the Normandie laying on her side in New York, i'm not sure if they are real or whether they have been manually recoloured, but they are superb and offer an insight as to what it was actually like to be there. have a flick...
  3. W

    Vase from Normandie

    Hello: My family was given the vase pictured below, and was told by the person who gave it to us that it was from the Normandie. We’ve had it for about two decades, and I finally decided to do a little research on it. I have extensively reviewed online photos of the ship, as well as looking...
  4. J

    Normandie Exhibition in NYC

    An exhibit devoted to the Normandie opens in February at the South Street Seaport Museum
  5. G

    SS Normandie First Class cabin prices

    Hello, I hoped someone might be able to help me with something I'm researching. I've been trying to find out what a passenger would have paid for a trans-Atlantic voyage in first class on the Normandie. It would be great to find out the price for her maiden voyage even. I'm trying to...
  6. C

    Architect of the Normandie

    I've been looking through various websites and I don't seem to be able to find anywhere who the chief architect was on the Normandie. I know there the hull was designed by Yourkevitch but does anyone know who was in charge of the rest of the layout of the ship? Thanks.
  7. C

    Normandie's Funnels

    I've read a lot that the funnels on the Normandie were divided down the side of the ship which allowed the creation of those massive rooms. I was wondering if anyone knew any more about the design of these? Was this design unique to the Normandie and were there any special construction...
  8. A

    State Room Key Paquebot Normandie

    Recently I needed a key chain so I pulled an old cabin key out of a tin I have an used it as such. While at work I decided to look up the ship it came from. Turns out it is from the Paquebot Normandie. I ran across Ken Schultz's website (I didnt realize at the time he has...
  9. A

    Normandie's main entrance hall

    does anyone have any pictures or descriptions of the Normandie's main entrance hall (1st class) because the only decent photos of Normandie's interior is the dining saloon and pictures of the main entrance would be a great help.
  10. Ryan Thompson

    Color footage of the Normandie on Youtube Wow! Has anybody else seen this before? Thanks, Ryan Thompson
  11. D

    Normandie growing in popularity

    Having looked at the recent road show chair find and the cabin telephone on Ebay ( which sold for £4,300 ) its very obvious that the Normandie is becoming quite iconic and main stream in popular culture. Having a look on you tube, there are hundreds of Titanic offerings, but only a handful...
  12. Ryan Thompson

    bLa Normandieb statue today

    In the "Normandie Interiors Today" thread, somebody mentioned the La Normandie statue wound up at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Florida. Is it still there today? Thanks, Ryan Thompson
  13. Ryan Thompson

    Antiques Roadshow Savannah GA Normandie chair

    Was watching the Antiques Roadshow tonight on PBS. They were in Savannah, Georgia. Somebody brought in one of two chairs they had. They were from the Normandie. The chair was art deco style and kind of simple. I think it got appraised at $10,000 to $15,000! Anybody else see this?
  14. E

    Normandie by John MaxtoneGraham

    Hi All, I have just started my copy of Normandie: France's Legendary Art Deco Ocean Liner by John Maxtone-Graham and it is a wonderfully evocative look at this great liner. Lavishly executed, richly illustrated and of course written with the trademark Maxtone-Graham style - simultaneously...
  15. R

    Normandie Medallion

    When Normandie made her maiden voyage on May 29, 1935 she captured the Blue Riband from the Italian Line Rex for the fastest transatlantic crossing. CGT was so confident that Normandie would set a new record that they had a special medallion commissioned to commemorate the event. This...
  16. E

    China Markings Used Onboard The Normandie

    Does anyone know what the bottom markings were which were used onboard the Normandie for the CGT china? Dates the gold CGT china was used? I've seen several markings - but am unsure. I've seen "GDA Limoges France" inside a laurel wreath, "Haviland France Limoges", and "Haviland France - Jean...
  17. Ryan Thompson


    Normandie video on Youtube
  18. J

    Normandie PBS Show

    Wednesday night while in a hotel in Charlotte, NC the PBS station there ran a one-hour show called Normandie which was basically the only known color film of the liner. It was shot by a french engineer working for CGT. It just happened to be shot in the last crossing September 28th 1939...
  19. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Normandie A Photographic Portrait

    This feature is now live on Gare Maritime, hope it all works and that you enjoy it. Phil
  20. J

    Strange Normandie QuestionAccomodations

    Hi folks, Just another of my random questions. I was going over a set of basic deckplans that I have, and I realized that it doesn't give the decks' heights. This only really matters in a few locations (to me, anyway) Can anyone tell me the heights of the Grand Salon, First Class Smoking...