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  1. Angelgreat

    Had WSL built a 4th Olympic-class ocean liner, how would her career be like?

    This is a follow up to What if the 4th Olympic-class ocean liner had been built? In a alternative universe, White Star Line decides to build a replacement sister ship for Titanic. She is named "Germanic" and is nearly identical to Britannic. She starts construction in late 1912, and is...
  2. Angelgreat

    What if the 4th Olympic-class ocean liner had been built?

    After the loss of Titanic in 1912, White Star Line planned a replacement sister ship for her. While the replacement vessel would have incorporated the post-Titanic improvements and likely resembled Britannic, thus also be able to survive the same scenario that sank Titanic, it had no official...
  3. Zhang Beichen

    History of Turkish bath on the liners

    Hello, everyone. I wonder that which is the first ocean liner that installed Turkish bath onboard? I merely know that RMS Adriatic had one, but I'm not sure whether she was the first ship. THX.
  4. Chad1234

    Underrated White Star Liners

    I think the most underrated/under appreciated White Star liners include The Big Four of Celtic, Cedric, Baltic and (especially) Adriatic, as well as their last two ships, the MV Britannic and (to a lesser extent) MV Georgic. But what do you guys think?
  5. Chad1234

    Furniture/fittings from other White Star liners?

    Besides the White Swan Hotel in Alnwick, Northumberland, which contains interiors from the Olympic, are there any other places around the world that currently have or have had furniture or fittings from White Star liners?
  6. Ryan H

    Principe de Asturias sunk 1916

    Since everyone is talking about this ship on Discord. I had started to make a new thread for anyone to talk about the ship. Feel free to add things like theories of how did it sank in the ocean, deskplan of the ship and the history of the ship. I had made my theory of how did the ship sank and...
  7. Milos Grkovic

    'History of the Olympic Class Liners' eBook Second Edition

    In case anyone is interested, here's my . In here I decided to compile a research done by the historians with a few details that I know of. For those who remember my early book, it's me going through the Internet to review the sources and trying to fix a view issues that were outdated and...
  8. Andy A Carter

    Answered How many Liners....

    In the early 1910s when Olympic and Titanic were in service, how many other Liners were making a regular crossing from England, Europe etc to America? Also does anyone have the Shipping Lines as well as the names of the Liners at that time. Regards and thanks Andy
  9. Jason D. Tiller

    News Book review: Ocean liner travel and transformative tales of women

    For a long time the only women allowed on ships were bare-breasted ones on a figurehead carved on the prow — “believed to bring good luck.” But then women in stultifying jobs began wondering about other options and they were off and running, or I should say sailing and “cresting the waves.” A...
  10. William Oakes

    Fires on board Olympic Class Liners

    This post is NOT about the coal bunker fire! That issue has been thoroughly discussed! Question: Who was in charge of fighting a fire on board an Olympic class liner? Say for example, a fire was accidentally started in a stateroom and quickly spread. Did they have an on board "Fire Department"...
  11. Jason D. Tiller

    News The Launch of a Legend... Build the World's Most Famous Ocean Liner

    Eaglemoss’ Die-Cast Club, creators of super-detailed “build-up” models for vehicle fans, collectors, and model enthusiasts around the world, releases a superb 1:250 scale model of the fabled RMS Titanic...
  12. C

    Other Ships Christmas on Transatlantic Voyages

    Was Christmas a big deal back then on transatlantic voyages? I can't find any pictures of the Olympic having a Christmas tree or any mention of it.
  13. P

    Question Ocean liner docks

    Sorry if this questsion is posted in the wrong section, but I had a question about the typical design of ocean liner docks. On the piers there always seem to be a quite high structure of beams. I can be wrong, but I doubt the ships would be tied to this structure at such a high point, so what...
  14. N

    150/250 Liners book by Thomas Balogh?

    link to facebook account: 150 Liners by Thomas Balogh I'm just wondering if it has gone to print and if I can order it
  15. Milos Grkovic

    History of the Olympic Class Liners Free Ebook

    Hello. I just want to share my first ebook that's gonna be for free. Feel free to read it. Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1sYtDO6YLAR1s8RKA8MGYG_p3P3L8tmv0
  16. Dan Kappes

    Ocean Liner shipwrecked in Betty Boop cartoon

    In the 1933 Betty Boop cartoon Is My Palm Read, the ocean liner that Betty Boop is traveling on gets sunk in a storm, and the ship's funnels can be seen acting as hands, grabbing their smoke rings and using them as lifeboats to save the passengers. It can be seen in this video at the 2:40 mark.
  17. T

    Liners and Cruise Ships Worth Preserving

    Out of all the cruise ships and liners currently in service today, which ones do you think would be worth preserving as hotel and museum ships once retired. To me, those include Queen Mary 2, MV Stockholm/Athena, Marco Polo, Funchal, Disney Cruise Line ships, Oriana (1995), and Aurora (2000).
  18. H

    Under Video Game: Titanic-ish based WW1 Horror Game

    Note: This might not count as a Titanic -related thread, but It seemed important to inform or mention of. Recently I have noticed a playable demo has been released for a upcoming indie game called Under. The demo is set in 1917 on a ocean liner sinking in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and...
  19. Dan Kappes

    Are modern cruise ships more luxurious than the old transatlantic liners?

    The Titanic and Normandie would be dinky now alongside modern cruise ships like the Symphony of the Seas, which is longer and heavier than those two. Are they also more luxurious?