1. HelenaWojtczak

    Pax transferred from the Oceanic to Titanic?

    Hi Is there a list of passengers booked on the Oceanic who were transferred to the Titanic? I've been working on a biography of survivors Elsie and Edith Bowerman for many years now, because of their connection to the suffrage movement. I'm now preparing to publish a book in which they will...
  2. Cam Houseman

    Where was Oceanic's Galley?

    Came across this photo on NMNI But I'm not sure what deck it is on, and what class it belongs to. Any ideas? Thanks y'all for any help :)
  3. The New York Incident diagram.jpg

    The New York Incident diagram.jpg

  4. L

    Plans for Oceanic II, Teutonic and Britannic I/Germanic

    Hi! Does anyone know if/where I can find plans for the Teutonic, Oceanic 2, Britannic 1 or the Germanic? I have bits and pieces of these plans but no full ones. Thanks, Levi
  5. T

    G/A Plans Still Around for RMMV Oceanic (III)

    So I was reading a pretty old thread from 2006 saying someone had purchased a set of physical plans of Oceanic from the National Museums of Northern Ireland for an unknown price, and that he was unable to scan said plans due to their size. There was no info given on what version of these plans...
  6. Incident at Southampton.gif

    Incident at Southampton.gif

  7. S

    News from 1872: Oceanic I Rescues the Crew of Mountain Eagle

    Trying to verify J. W. Shackford as officer who was on lifeboat rescue Multiple obituaries of Captain John William Shackford (1839-1905) state that he was a first officer on the Oceanic and in January 1872 was on the lifeboat that rescued the crew of the Mountain Eagle. Wondering if there is...