1. A

    A Medical check for captain and officers? And would Smith even pass?

    Were there any such thing of a medical checks for crew before a voyage? Like we have today. And if not, Considering Smith's age, would he even pass if there were medicals?
  2. M

    Where did the officers eat?

    Hello all, I know that the ship's officers had their own mess as it were, but were they expected to eat in the first class dining saloon if they weren't on duty at the bridge? Did they act as hosts? Thanks, ~Matt
  3. Loutino

    Three Titanic books

    Hi all! I would like to know does anybody know something about these three books: 1. "The Night Lives On" - I would like to buy it, but I live in Poland, so I don't know exactly how get it 2. "Joseph Boxhall" - I found such book. I don't know if it exist 3. "Titanic: Voices from the disaster" -...
  4. Avvie Cunnington

    May have found early photos of Harold Lowe

    I hope it's ok to post this! I apologise for the state of this photo. Had to use a phone as had no scanner. Can anyone help me with this. I bought a few sheets of photos from an Antique fair, these look like they have been taken out of a scrapbook. When i was looking through the sheets the guy...
  5. P

    Officer positions during Titanic sea trials

    I was wondering if anyone knew the officers positions/responsibilities during Titanic's sea trials? I know that Lowe and some other junior officers checked the lifeboats before the trials began and I know that Murdoch and Moody dropped buoys when they tested Titanics stopping capabilities, but...
  6. C

    Officers' uniforms

    Heya! Can you tell me what the officer's uniforms entailed and if they wore them still while they were off duty? Also did they just crash into bed when their watch was up or did they have some fun at some point? I find it hard to believe, with all the stories surrounding sailors, that...
  7. K

    David Blair 2nd Officer relieved before departure

    Does anyone have information on which cabin Mr. Blair occupied? Was the cabin taken over by Mr. Lightoller when the change of Chief Officer forced a demotion in the top officers thus removing Mr. Blair from his position on board? If Mr. Blair's cabin was unoccupied, was it identified and...
  8. E

    Photo of officers

    I was wondering if anyone had or have the address to where I can find photographs of the officers on Titanic? Some officers don't have their pictures here (Boxhall, Moody, Wilde). Cheers Espen