olympic relics

  1. J

    Alleged Olympic Memrobillia

    Hi All, I need your help with something, can anybody verify the authenticity of these two items. The tankard has a marking of john bishop chattery & sons ltd, the mark appears as jbc&sld. The tankard would be period for olympic but i dont think the acid etch is. The plate is unknown marker. Any...
  2. JJAstorII

    Piece of original oak trim

    I bought a piece of trim at auction from someone who worked at the paint factory recently. I stripped it of the following paint: white, blue, orange, red, lacquered brown and finally avocado before I very carefully removed that layer to the oak. Hope you enjoy it’s beauty as I do.
  3. JJAstorII

    Original Post from 1935 auction

    So I recently won a item at auction of an original post from the RMS Olympic during the fittings auction in '35. I was wondering if anyone is able to tell me where they think it could've possibly been on the ship? I'm guessing 2nd class? It's made of solid oak and retains the original finish so...