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    And the Band Played On

    After perusing several threads and their posts, I have yet to find the answer to a question that has lingered in the back of my mind. If there is such a thread, forgive my being redundant. Just what was the last song played on Titanic? Was it "Autumn" or was it "Nearer My God to Thee"...
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    Could the band play

    could the band play their wooden instruments violin,bass-etc and play brass instruments trumpet,trumbone-etc if you have Titanic (1953)you know what i mean.i would like to think so but its probably not true.
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    Restaurant Band Stand

    Does anybody know if the bandstand in the Restaurant was ever used on the Titanic. I know that a trio of bandsmen played in the Reception Room outside of the Restaurant, but I was wondering if the ever utalized the bandstand inside. Thanks for your imput ahead of time. Matt
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    Replacement Band

    Hello. I'm here hoping that a family legend might be answered as either false or true. My Mother has told me over the years of a story that was told to her by my Fathers mother before they divorced. The story goes that my Fathers Grandfather was a Musician and a band leader. His surname was Kyle...
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    The band's repertoire your favourite melody

    Was it Mrs Cardeza felt a chill every time later in life she heard the Bacarolle from the Tales of Hoffman? The band was playing it on the evening the Titanic sank. A beautiful composition by Jacques Offenbach. Loved hearing it on the radio today on the way to work. Summed up that era of...
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    Band members' personal belongings

    Did any member of the Titanic's band leave behind any personal papers such as letters, diaries, etc.? If so, are they still extant and where are they located? Thanks! Richard K.
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    Wallace Hartley

    I live in Sheffield, England and I travel up to Burnley in Lancashire a lot. This is only 8 miles away from Colne and the site of the grave of Wallace Hartley, Titanic's Orchestra leader. It is a place I have been to quite a lot and always lay a wreath on the 14th April each year. I thought...