1. B

    Colorized Photos of White Star Line ships

    I have no idea which forum would fit, but I just colourized a few photos of some white star line ships and I want to share. Posted around in the discord, but I'm still too proud of it. Suggestions accepted :) Yes, AI helped with this mainly Oceanic Smoking Room Oceanic Dining Saloon More...
  2. docteur peinture

    Looking for interior pctures for a video

    hello everybody im new, and lost :) im a little french youtubeur, and i would like to do a video for my channel, and the subject ? TiTANIC of course, but just on the interior decoration, so i have a lot of books, without any pictures with workers in the interior, who work at the time of...
  3. I

    I need to know who this is.

    OK Im about to tell you something that actually happened to me. Im not making any of it up. Im 100% honest God as my witness. I was at a yardsale in Lexington NC of all places, and I walked up the yard to a couple old pencil paintings. One painting Ill reveal later in the story. An older lady...
  4. Milos Grkovic

    Titanic Promo Art

    My new Titanic Promo Art. :)
  5. Dan Kappes

    Where have you seen a Titanic painting in public that really caught your attention?

    I once saw a framed painting of the Thayer drawing in a Rudy Tuesday restaurant in Apple Valley, Minnesota that really caught my attention. I'd love to hear other experiences!
  6. Eliott

    Titanic Paintings & Drawings - Art by Eliott Cha'coco

    Thought it would be a good idea to create a thread for my Titanic artworks, as I draw it a lot. Here you'll find most of my Art related to the Titanic. I'll also share with you my future drawings and paintings here, when they'll be done. Enjoy ! • Paintings: • Drawings: To have a look to...
  7. B

    Aquitania original poster

    Hi, I'm a new member in Atlanta in the USA. Wondering if anyone can provide information on the large Aquitania poster/print pictured here. I bought it approximately 45 years ago in an antique shop in Connecticut, about 2 hours from New York City. I was a teenager and talked my...
  8. N


    I was just wondering if anyone knew if there were valuable works of art lost in the sinking. In the 1997 movie Rose had several Degas, Renoir and Picassos and I didn't know if that was just Cameron taking poetic license or if there were in fact paintings on the real ship. Thanks! Noelle
  9. T

    Norman Wilkinson's Titanic sinking painting

    As I understand it, Norman Wilkinson painted an image of Titanic sinking, with her stern high in the air. This image can be found in the opening pages of the 1912 book "Titanic" by Filson Young. I just want to confirm that this painting was indeed by Norman Wilkinson, and number two, where is...