parlour suites

  1. Uomiuo

    Architectural styles of 1st and 2nd class spaces

    Recently, I've become interested in the use of different "styles" to convey different atmospheres within the upper-class spaces of the RMS Titanic. However, it's difficult finding reliable sources on which style each room conveyed. and even more so information on the styles themselves. Are...
  2. Fernando MG

    Britannic C Deck Sitting Rooms

    First of all, good morning to everyone! l'm a new member in Encyclopedia Titanica and I'm glad to be here. Some days ago, I was viewing HMHS (or better say, RMS) Britannic deck plans, and I noticed, on C Deck, two new sitting rooms amidships, apart from the two parlour suites just after the...
  3. Lena1985

    Parlour Suites

    Does anyone know if there is any photos or videos or the suites in any detail? Or even the private promenade decks?
  4. B

    Parlor Suites

    Hi Everyone, I am working on a drawing of the B Deck Parlor Suites B 51-55 and B 52-56. I have some photos of the sitting rooms and what I believe to be the bedrooms, however I am unsure of the colors to use on furniture and carpets etc. Also which cabin numbers were for which rooms...