passenger photographs

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    Margaret Rice Queenstown Ireland photo

    I have seen a photograph online in a number of sites of Margaret Rice and her 5 sons. I am working on a website for the Northern Ireland Tourist Board at the moment and I am filming a piece on the Last Port Of Call in Cobh (Queenstown) next week. I am looking for the person to contact in regards...
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    Bertha Mayne

    can anyone tellme if they know anymore about the mayne family this is very important to me e-mail me: thank you
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    Identification help needed

    Hello, I came across an interesting photo with a purported Titanic connection about six months ago. I have since been searching high and low for the source of the photograph, which was obviously pirated. The photo is of a mid-aged woman and young man. My interest is in the identification of...
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    Titanic survivor pictures

    Hello All, I have a questio Hello All, I have a question about a picture on page 131 of Judith Geller's "Titanic: Women and Children first. Any idea who the two women on the left on the picture are? And who is the girl standing on the left side of Master Meyer Moore? The others on the...