1. Titanico

    Search of descendants

    Hi everybody, my name is Sergio Ramos Pérez and I'm from Spain. I'm searching descendants of passengers and crew of the Titanic for a novel. Or descendats of passengers and crew of the Californian, Carpathia, of Harland & Wolff, whatever is. I'll upload the novel to Amazon in March. I want to...
  2. J

    Answered Who were the real passengers in the parlor suite rooms B52 B54 B56?

    Curious, as these rooms were mentioned by lovejoy in camerons titanic.
  3. Itsstillthinking

    Favorite Passenger Quotes?

    Just was wondering what everyone's favorite quote was from passengers or crew or related people? Mine would be cheating a little but this quote has been special to me ever since i saw Death Of Dream for the first time. Its from Jack Thayer from his notes shortly before his death in WW2 ""There...
  4. L

    French and Italian passengers in Titanic

    Hi! I am studying the French and Italian people in the Titanic. I have found in this list: Titanic: Demographics of the Passengers that there were some in Third Class. Where can I find more information? Thanks! Daniel
  5. P

    Cabins for stewardesses

    I was looking over the number of stewardesses and the number of cabins and was just wondering if anyone had any idea about how the cabins were divided/how many rooms stewardesses were in charge of? I realize that most passengers had valets and maids, but the ratio of rooms to victualing crew...
  6. W

    Need Source Help With A Level Coursework; Any Advice Much Appreciated!

    Hi all! I'll be undertaking my A-Level history coursework this March, the objective of which is to tackle a controversial subject (IE: Titanic's foundering - in which I am well versed), bring forth conflicted views on the causes, and form my own opinion. I've got 10 years of general research...
  7. Ellie Stevenson

    So you think you know all about Titanic: quiz

    Test your Titanic knowledge with this lighthearted but teaser of a quiz! Discussion on the answers welcome! The So you think you know all about Titanic? quiz: 10 questions by Ellie Stevenson
  8. J

    An interesting letter from Alice Cleaver

    I found a letter that Alice Cleaver wrote to Walter Lord: "I was acting as a nurse to the two children of Mr and Mrs Allison. Having taken the position two weeks before we sailed as their own nurse decided not to go at the last moment - Lorraine was 3 years old at the time and Trevor 10...
  9. R

    Bertha Mayne

    can anyone tellme if they know anymore about the mayne family this is very important to me e-mail me: [email protected] thank you
  10. A

    Velin Ohman and Mara Osman

    Does anybody know more about these two women. For some reason I have always been interested in them. Thanx Andrew Maheux