1. Thomas Krom

    Identification of unidentified people in survivor accounts

    Hello everyone, today this post marks my 1000th post on this forum. It’s been a wild ride, that for the most part has been an adventure of a lifetime for me with positive experiences and a lot of new information, discussions and conclusions. Dedicated to this milestone I want to dedicate my...
  2. Zhang Beichen

    How were the people in other nationalities treated after they reached NY?

    As far as I know, six Chinese survivors were discriminated badly. So I wonder if people of other nationalities are treated this way? Or it was just occurred among those poor Chinese guys.....
  3. Jack Ashford

    The 1997 film depicts about 200 people still on the stern after the breakup. Is this accurate?

    The 1997 film depicts about 200 still on the stern after the breakup. Is this accurate? Survivor testimony and opinions are welcome. Curious about this as well as how many people were actually clinging to the stern for the final plunge. Screenshot of the stern splitting in the 1997 film.
  4. Q

    Did people rip apart fixtures/fittings and throw them overboard?

    There's a few shots during the panic/mayhem in the 1997 movie that shows people throwing anything they can find overboard such as benches, chairs, etc presumably to give people something to hold on to. I was wondering if there is much documentation/eyewitness accounts of this happening?
  5. Marco C. Ruo

    People partying and drinking on board

    Good morning folks! Are there any survivors who tell of the parties, of the happiness and light-heartedness of people during their first and last trip? Yesterday I read this testimony from Catherine Mcgowan who was 15 at the time.. "She also took part in the activities, even the adult...
  6. Chrissie Brown

    unusual talk about the Titanic

    Want to hear stories from the Titanic that you might not have heard before? Come to City Evangelical Church, Cemetery Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS11 8SX for the 6:30pm-8pm service, and hear a different side — tales the museums might not tell you, but all true. tel 0113 270 8568...