1. dirk danschutter


    by the way, now that we are talking about the animals on the titanic, is anyone of you recognising this part of the Titanic? Deck? I don't recall to have ever seen large cargo winches at the cabin sites of the Titanic?
  2. J

    Where were dogs walked?

    Hi I wonder if anyone has discovered where dogs were walked on the Titanic? I assume that first class passengers with small dogs in their cabins would have walked their dogs on the first class promenade, but has anyone read anything that suggests dogs were walked in a specific place? Many...
  3. T

    How many dogs?

    12, 10, 9, 5, how much? It's either 12 or 10...
  4. R

    Unknown animals aboard Titanic

    Hi, I've read about the fact that Miss Young had some very expensive chickens with her on Titanic. We allready had a large discussion about the dogs aboard, but not about the other animals. So I like to know if there were other animals aboard Titanic and if it was possible that there were...