1. Arun Vajpey

    Titanic's stern did not implode.

    I find the conjecture that the sinking stern of the Titanic 'imploded' soon after sinking rather difficult to comprehend, particularly in relation to the sinking stern. Why would the air pockets "burst inwards"? I am a retired scuba diver and have visited over 25 ship wrecks around the world...
  2. Pac0master

    2D Physics simulation, (Almost real time)

    Hey folks, I haven't been here for quite some time now and I thought some of you would like to see this video I've made last month This is a Timelapse of a livestream where I attempted to sink the Titanic as close as possible to real time. It ended up taking 2h30min instead of 40 Quick...
  3. J

    The "SPLIT" Physics

    Hi All, I'm currently researching into my AS Physics Coursework about steel, so in my 20min presentation i thought that I could do several case studies (i'm already examining the collapse of the WTC) and what better than the break-up of Titanic. So i was wondering if anyone had the physical...
  4. S

    The physics of the titanic

    Hi everyone! how are u? well, i'm in desperate need for help on a physics paper I am doing-on the titanic. basically i need help in understanding what happened in terms of PHYSICS during the sinking/collision on that fateful day. i know that it has to do with the center of mass shifting from the...