1. iceberggg

    Carpathia Third Class?

    The Royal Mail Ship Carpathia, along with many others, carried many immigrants in mediocre conditions. However, their struggle has been overlooked for so long. What was third class like on the Carpathia?
  2. A

    Moody with others?

    I've never seen photographs of 6th officer Moody with other officers and family members. There are only portraits photographs of him only in his unifrom and one in casual wear posing on his own. He was 5th officer on a smaller vessel before titanic, so how come there is no photos of him posing...
  3. M

    Who took that picture ?

    Hello everyone ! :) I am a little bit confused. I don't know whether the pictures below were taken by Francis Browne or the Odell family... Could you help me out on this ? :) PS: These pictures come from internet and are NOT mine. 1. Picture credit Titanic Universe says the picture was...
  4. Christophe Puttemans

    Three pictures of lifeboats possibly identified

    I came across a book from Edward P. De Groot where 3 pictures of Titanic lifeboats were named. Until that moment, I thought one of the pictures was from another lifeboat and the other pictures from unknown boats. Here are the pictures: 1. Mr. De Groot claimed this was Lifeboat 4, with mostly...
  5. R

    Bertha Mayne

    can anyone tellme if they know anymore about the mayne family this is very important to me e-mail me: [email protected] thank you