1. Marco C. Ruo

    Third class sanitary conditions

    I recently read that in third class there were only two bathrooms, and that many men urinated in the darkest corners at night, I wonder: How much must there be in these corridors and rooms of poor and not very clean people? It seems strange to me that no one talks about the real conditions and...
  2. C

    Water coming through plumbing fixtures?

    was there any reports of water coming into cabins unusual ay sush ventilation,toilets,bathtube and sinks? how much waer could enter throught said elements? did actually water penetrate ventilation shafts and cause darkness in few corridors? (i.e bursting bulbs).. lets say there is toilet in...
  3. Mike Colclough

    Third Class Toilets

    A google search for Titanic's third class staterooms produces images of what looks like a bunk room with a water fixture at one end. Its height suggests "toilet" but it looks more like a sink. Were they one in the same in 1912? Did these shared bunk rooms actually have open toilets at one end...
  4. R

    Exposed plumbing in 1st class bathrooms

    All the pictures of the bathroom facilities I've seen on Titanic all show exposed rivets and pipes everywhere. Was that the case in all the first class areas, even the promenade suites? It just seems rather incongruous with all that luxury everywhere else. Why wouldn't they cover that up? It...