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    "Be British" Titanic poem

    Hello, I'm researching poems in newspapers in Sligo, Ireland 1912-1923 and found one entitled "Be British" by Fidelis in Sept 1912 re the Titanic. These newspapers include poems written by locals but also poems taken from other sources, newspapers etc, often not mentioning the source. I suspect...
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    Poem I Wrote In Honor Of A USS Arizona Survivor I Knew

    Here is a link to a poem I wrote in honor of a USS Arizona survivor I knew when I was a kid, growing up back in the 1980's (it is at the top of the following link): http://www.ussarizona.org/poetry/index.html An account by him about the loss of the Arizona is also on this site, at...
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    Titanic Related Poetry

    Wondering if anyone out there has written any poetry on the great lady? I have written two such poems and am working on a third. Now, I am no Dylan Thomas,Carl Sanberg or Walt Whittman, but I do love to write my musings on her. Anyone else as sappy as me? -Don