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    Original Titanic Postcard?

    Hi everybody! I recently purchased a Titanic postcard off an elderly lady who claims she had it passed down her family and has never been sold. I think it is an original photo but I am not sure. I cannot find this postcard anywhere on the internet but the picture seems to be a pretty well known...
  2. Carpathia postcard, c.1920

    Carpathia postcard, c.1920

    Carpathia postcard, c.1920 Collection of the Massillon Museum Gift of the Edward Abbott Estate (58.72.3)
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    Titanic Postcard up for auction- July 18th A Titanic postcard is coming up for auction on July 18th with Warwick and Warwick auctioneers. The link above takes you to an intriguing article about the postcard with photos and some information about...
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    Crew sign on sheets - help needed please

    Hi, This is only the second time in my life I have posted in an internet forum, so I hope I'm following the proper form. I recently bought at a local auction saleroom (in the UK) a postcard written by someone aboard the Titanic and posted during the ship's stop at Queenstown. The postcard is...