1. Jessie M.

    Salt Water, Electrocution, or a Snapped wire?

    So I've been caught between three rather fascinating theories here folks. We all remember the gentlemen from Cameron's film who was down in the engine room towards the end of the film, right? Upon trying to flip one of the switches back on (I'm assuming it was exposed somewhere) he is...
  2. W

    Resistance and powering

    H&W did not have its own towing tank. (Aside from the Admiralty tank at Haslar, Deny's had the only one in the UK at the time.) Does anyone know whether model tests were conducted to estimate residuary resistance for the Olympic class? If not, how was resistance determined?
  3. L

    How did they stop the Titanic's power and propulsion system?

    Hi, My apologies if this question has been raised elsewhere on this forum. For a Masters of Engineering project, I'm researching the strategies used for starting and stopping the Titanic. I've already found plenty of information about the start-up process, but haven't found much at all on...