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    Do expeditions to the Titanic wreck have a future?

    Hi all, OK, this month's topic stems somewhat from some other recent threads on the forums.... Do expeditions to the Titanic wreck have a future? What more can be achieved by them and what would you personally like to see them focus on? Is there anything more that can be learned from the...
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    Stockholm still sailing now MV Athena

    Well, the Stockholm is still carrying passengers. After many refits and numerous identities, she has become the MV Athena, of Lisbon-based Classic International Cruises. The specification of the ship, with detailed information on it's accommodations and type of passengers it carries...
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    Bow section under the mud

    Hello, is anybody knows what is the state of preservation of the bow that is hidden under the mud ? I don't think they'd be rusticles on this part and maybe some paint is well-preserved, although the interior of the ship must be like the rest, covered with rusticles. Also, did this...