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    Joseph Montvila

    My Great Grandfather, a Lithuanian immigrant to London died there in April 1912 aged 42. His was the first funeral to be conducted in the newly consecrated church of St Casimir just off Hackney road in London. The young Lithuanian Priest who conducted the service was father Juozas Montvila who a...
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    Father Browne

    Was "Father" his name? What was his job, his full name etc. Thank you
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    F M Browne

    I know that Father F. M. Browne was a first class passenger on the Titanic, because of the photos. Yet when I look at the first class passenger list, I don't see him. Was this because he got off at Queenstown?
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    Catholic Service in 2nd Class

    I've wondered this... If there were no first class Catholic services, could the first class Catholics go to second class for the service there? I assumed that they could; wasn't the mixing of 1st and 2nd class not as "scandalous" as 1st and 3rd?
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    Sunday Service

    I have heard conflicting reports on Sunday services on the Titanic. I know there were 3 services for each class, but were different classes allowed to go to other classes services, such as a 3rd class person being allowed in 1st class services, can anyone clarify this subject for that you very...
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    Father Browne's Ticket

    Hi! I was looking at the list of Cross Chanel passengers, and noticed that Father Browne's Ticket number is the same as the 5 people of the O'Dell family....purchased by Mr H. O'Dell (not traveling) for 6 adults. tkt.84 for 24pounds. (Sorry don't know how to make the symbol for it LOL) Anyway...